Breaking into pieces

Ukadonha uno tyoka


Joy Of Missing Out. Feeling content with staying in and disconnected as a form of self-care.
Antonym: FOMO

Ever since I stopped drinking, I moved from FOMO to JOMO.


Roomza / Rumza is your roommate. It is mostly used to refer to res roommate or hostel roommate.

My roomza likes stealing my groceries.

Ku Bird

Ku bird is a term that means "it's bad". Like when the situation gets really really bad. People use "bird" because it sounds the same as "bad".

I only have R3.50 in my bank account. Ku bird!

Rra madumbu

It's a SePitori word used to refer to garbage collectors.

It's Wednesday today, bo rra madumbu ba tla.


Refers to R100 (One hundred Rands. One Klipa would mean R100, 2 klipa - R200, etc.

Guy 1: How much did you pay for a box of cigarettes during lockdown.

Guy 2: I got this 20s for 2 klipa.


A person who enters a relationship for the sole purpose of having a place to stay or avoid being homeless.

I just found out the girl I was actually a hobosexual.


A spicy vegetable dish traditionally served as a sauce or relish with bread, pap, samp, stews or curries

A braai is not complete without chakalaka.


A Xhosa/Zulu term for Balls (As in testicles, not a soccer ball).
Also see marete.

Amasende akho ayanuka.


Askies is an Afrikaans term for Sorry. It is however used informally in almost all the South African languages for apologising.

I didn't see you there, askies for stepping on you.

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