Another way of saying someone is a GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).

LeBron James is goated.


Is an abbreviation for Greatest Of All Time.

Who is the GOAT between Messi and Ronaldo?


Igqwirha is a Xhosa term for someone who practices witchcraft (a witch).

Ligqwirha ke la sisi
That woman is a witch.


Gqirhy or gqwirhi is an informal Xhosa term used to refer to jealous or black magic tendencies.

I bought this car last month and today someone stole it. Yhu ni gqwirhy kulendawo


Gwala is a Nguni term for a coward.

Ey that grootman ligwala.


Touchline Operator, MBUZI.
One feels pressure when he is around

“Dai man ke GAETZ“


igqolo is a Xhosa term for a stingy person.

Did you expect a trip to Durban but you know you are dating igqolo.


A slang term or kasi term for BMW 325is.

They were spinning that gusheshe like crazy in Gomora last night.


Is A South African slang term for food or eating.

The only thing I want now yi gawula.


Gintsa or ginsa is a South African term for a thug, mostly those who hijack cars.

She is dating a gintsa hence she has so much money now.

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