Gurans is a slang term used by Cape Town Xhosa speaking community that means war between rival gangs or individuals.

Ingathi ikhona igurans between lamajita.
It looks like there is some war/conflict between those guys.


Igwijo or amagwijo are Xhosa songs that are usually sung in events such as sporting events or traditional events. They are sometimes made up on the spot.

I'm only going to that game for amagwijo.


Igoni is a kasi slang term for a knife.

The guys who robbed me was carrying igoni


Another way of saying someone is a GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).

LeBron James is goated.


Is an abbreviation for Greatest Of All Time.

Who is the GOAT between Messi and Ronaldo?


Igqwirha is a Xhosa term for someone who practices witchcraft (a witch).

Ligqwirha ke la sisi
That woman is a witch.


Gqirhy or gqwirhi is an informal Xhosa term used to refer to jealous or black magic tendencies.

I bought this car last month and today someone stole it. Yhu ni gqwirhy kulendawo


Gwala is a Nguni term for a coward.

Ey that grootman ligwala.


Touchline Operator, MBUZI.
One feels pressure when he is around

“Dai man ke GAETZ“


igqolo is a Xhosa term for a stingy person.

Did you expect a trip to Durban but you know you are dating igqolo.

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