Maskandi is a kind of Zulu folk music / genre that is dominant amongst the Zulu population of South Africa.

I enjoy listening to Maskandi
My favourite Maskandi artist is Mgqumeni


Umahlalela is a Xhosa term for an unemployed person.

uRamaphosa uyamthanda umahlalela, uvele amnike iR350.
Ramaphosa loves the unemployed, he just gives them R350.


Impama is a Nguni term for slap.

Ndizakufaka impama
I will slap you


UMvelinqangi is a Nguni word which translates to "the Most High" or "Divine Consciousness"; that is considered the source of all that has been, that is and all that ever will be.

Mvelinqangi, the creator, came out of the reed. He brought out men, women, animals, corn, and all the fruits of the earth


A Sowetan term used to identify a certain opportunistic behaviour in people. e.g. slay queens

Ngwano ke mokotjo!


Describes a location, either at home school or any place.

Ituye kum'tsali kamweina.


A person

Ndiye munhu wacho
Meaning: This is the person


A liberator, Someone who gives freedom

Uthixo nguMkhululi wethu


To mize is to overlook/ignore something or someone intentionally.

Girls will mize you when you are broke!


Msotra is the slang term for Soweto township.

Ngise Msotra and I'm chillin' with the thugs

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