The only female Webster Spida loves

Mary is so esculent


It refers to the money that is given to a woman after spending a time with her. The money is some sort of thanks giving for pleasure

The Pinkie spend a night with Penny last night. In the morning Pinkie asked mavuso from Penny.


A South African slang term for someone with a big butt or nyash.

I don't like squats cause I don' t wanna be a mapakisha.


A term used in South Africa to refer to money. Madiba is Nelson Mandela’s clan name and his face is on the South African bank notes, hence the term.

I can’t come if there’s no Madibas.


Mdantsane is a township in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa}. It is the second largest township in South Africa, after [Soweto.

That boxer is from the streets of Mdantsane.


The money given to a woman after spending the night with her.

She left with a random guy yesterday guy and got mavuso in the morning.


Despite the recent false trends to redefine this prestigious Surname. The Mabena name comes from a long history, stemming from the early Zulu tribe. The people are know as gentle, smart and hardworking. Which comes from their long history where they fought hard to gain independence in a war torn era. They are generally based in the Southern part of Africa. However a significant portion can be found in Europe and North America. To try and define the name Mabena is false as it refers to a group of people as many surnames do. Instead a recognition of the prestige and long history of the name is what matters most. After all, the Mabena name is a noun and can or should not be used as an adjective or verb.

The leader of the community was John Mabena.


East Africa A vagina

Man, I haven't eaten a mbususu for a while


South African Slime-Super-Slang for Meat. Derived from the Zulu word for meat being “inyama”. Popularized by the great DJ Dr Peppa.

*Note: Only used when speaking in English

Broer 1: So you left it on the grass next to the braai stand boyzen??

You: You know I can’t waste food so I had to eat the Mnyamelis


My brother/my sister/my best friend/

Kunjani mntase nakugcina kudala

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