Mudhoto is slang term meaning big booty or bigass. Mudhoto is famous in Zimbabwe.

My girlfriend has mudhoto


Mamboyi is a colloquial term for alcoholic beverage, Old Buck.

I only drink Mamboyi when I’m in the bundus.


A derogatory Afrikaans slang term for a gay person. Similar to the word faggot in English.

You don’t watch football? ⚽️ you might be a moffie


My friend

Mmata im broke


A person who is always doing stupid things.
A foolish person.

Nnenna be mugu oh.

Male bestie

Is someone whom u consider to be ur brother / someone close to u but some people think that a male bestie is someone who wants to ruin ur relationship. That is not true, a male bestie is like a boy bestie.

A male bestie stands by u when u are in tough times

Majita Monday

Majita Monday is a movement striving to create a safe space for men to talk about their emotional intelligence and mental wellness. It is celebrated every Monday with the hashtag #MajitaMonday.

Happy Majita Monday to you all, gents ❤


A guy/ gentleman/clever man

How's it Mjita; 'm just Moja (fine)


A slang term for sex or tlof tlof.

Why do guys fall asleep immediately after umdavazo?


A figurative term used by South African students when they plan to create a WhatsApp group and share test questions.

Ukhona umjondolo osuvuliwe bahlali? Phela ziyakhala k'sasa

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