A person who is not scared of anything. Willing to risk it all, including career and own life for a man.

I got myself igudumana, I’m sorted for life.


Isidubada is an informal Xhosa dialect where you add a “d” after every sound. For example “Molweni” would be “modolwedenidi”.

Zikhona Sodlaka spoke isidubada in an episode of Gqeberha the Empire.


Intsomi is a Xhosa term for a tale. Those stories our grandparents used to tell us when we were young.

Hayi yintsomi, Hayi yi film.



How many chalks do you have?
Ufise Ingwa zingahe?


The creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.

God help us.
Imana idufashe.


Ingidi is a slang term of "big booty or big ass".

That girl have Ingidi.


I don't know

When you want to shorten the word I don't know you say it as idk


I’m Xhosa, isidovela is a meal where rice is cooked with potatoes in the same pot. You mix it until it kinda looks like pap. You also have to add Spice for rice or Rajah to make it yellow.

Today I am cooking isidovela.


A man who has underwent initiation into manhood following the traditional teachings and cultural practices of amaHlubi.

IZawa liyahlonipha.

IZawa is a respectful person


isichitho is curse or spell that is made by people using a muthi to make a divisions in a relationship, sometimes families, by making a victim unattractive and annoying.

They tried to use isichitho to make my boyfriend dump me.

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