It's a Xhosa word for a cologne

Can you borrow me your qula


It's a Xhosa slang word for a watch

Where is ihlongo lam


Inja is a Nguni term for a dog.

Lo mjita yinja. This guy is a dog.


Izinyoka is a South African term that is used for Electricity cable thieves.

Izinyoka means snakes in Zulu (direct translation)

We don't have electricity here because of izinyoka.


This is Zulu for masturbation.

Uyayishaya indlwabu mfana wami.


Isgubhu is a South African slang term that initially meant music drums or a bassline before it later referred to all dance music.

South Africans love any song with isgubhu


Iphara is a South African slang term for a drug addict, mostly those ones who terrorise the community.

He was doing well until he started smoking nyaope. He has now become iphara.


Inkatha Freedom Party also known as IFP is a right-wing political party in South Africa. It usually challenges ANC in KZN.

IFP is losing votes to MK in KZN.


1. A person considered to be crazy.
1. Also when one has silly notions, like making fun of others.

1. "Lamfana ligeza." - that guy is a crazy person.
2. "Uyageza wena." - you are being silly/crazy.


One thing that makes men go crazy

Ndizthandela nje impundu
iDyan ayinophila uba ayityi mpundu

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