I don't know

When you want to shorten the word I don't know you say it as idk


I’m Xhosa, isidovela is a meal where rice is cooked with potatoes in the same pot. You mix it until it kinda looks like pap. You also have to add Spice for rice or Rajah to make it yellow.

Today I am cooking isidovela.


A man who has underwent initiation into manhood following the traditional teachings and cultural practices of amaHlubi.

IZawa liyahlonipha.

IZawa is a respectful person


isichitho is curse or spell that is made by people using a muthi to make a divisions in a relationship, sometimes families, by making a victim unattractive and annoying.

They tried to use isichitho to make my boyfriend dump me.


Ijaja is a widely used South African slang term to refer to God.

I don't care what you say, ijaja is my witness.


Ikati is a Nguni name for a cat.

Xhosa: Ndifuna ikati.
Zulu: Ngifuna ikati.


Imama is a term that's been trending on social media that means a woman or a girlfriend.

Imama must be beautiful unprovoked.


Ingqithi is a Xhosa custom of amputating the joint of the little finger, or of the ring finger on babies and sometimes adults.

My finger is like this because I have ingqithi.


Imoto is a Nguni term for a car.

Xhosa: Ndiyayithanda imoto yam.
Zulu: Ngiyayithanda imoto yami.


A fictitious story or a tale. Like those tales you'd hear about from parents/teachers/friends or read when you were younger.

"A man and his daughter were walking in the forest..."
Welele... inganekwane!

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