An informal term mostly used by Xhosa people to refer to beer.

Sbwl iWash namhlanje.
I am craving beer today.


Imedi is a term, mostly used in Cape Town to refer to a girl or girlfriend.

Ndiyayithanda imedi yam bro.
I love my girlfriend bro


Iyeza is anything and everything that heals.

Ina iyeza, sela iyeza.


Impandla is a Nguni term for bald hair (when men lose their hair).

He's always wearing a cap because unempandla.


Izinyanya is a Xhosa term for ancestors.

Ndiyabulela kuni zinyanya.


Iqaba is a Nguni term for a barbarian or a person believed to be uncivilised or uncultured.
Plural Amaqaba

They used to call me iqaba because I come from the villages.


Plural: Amabhinca
Ibhinca is a Zulu person who practices their traditional Zulu culture, including wearing the traditional attire and listening to Maskandi

I had to act like I love Maskandi cause I was drinking with ibhinca.


In Xhosa, ityala can mean multiple things.
1. Ityala can mean debt.
2. Ityala can mean a case (court).
So it all depends on the context.

1. Ityala lam lakwa FNB yi R20 000.
(My FNB debt is R20 000).
2. Ityala lam licinyiwe namhlanje.
(My case was dropped today).


Indlala is the formal Xhosa term for hunger or poverty.
Also see Ikati ilele eziko

Indlala inamanyala and it can make you do anything.


Inyanga is mostly a traditional herbalist and does not usually perform rituals that are common to those that a Sangoma performs.

I went to see Inyanga when I was not feeling well.

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