Jiki jiki

Jiki jiki means all of a sudden or suddenly.

When we were growing you were dark, jiki jiki you are a yellow bone.


A Facebook Celebrity!
A feleb is a person who is famous on Facebook but not really famous in real life.

That one is only a feleb, nothing much.


A backroom is a room in a yard that's usually at the back of the main house. It is mostly used for rental purposes.

I'm renting a backroom in Tembisa.

Vat n sit

Is a term used in South Africa to refer to a situation where two people who are not married are living together.

Those ones will never get married. They've been doing vat n sit for more than 5 years.

Waya waya

Waya waya is a widely used term in South Africa that means "all the time".

He's always telling lies waya waya.


Khemi is a general slang term for muthi or traditional medicine.

He gets his girls using his khemi.


UMvelinqangi is a Nguni word which translates to "the Most High" or "Divine Consciousness"; that is considered the source of all that has been, that is and all that ever will be.

Mvelinqangi, the creator, came out of the reed. He brought out men, women, animals, corn, and all the fruits of the earth


Idlozi is a Zulu term for Ancestor.
Plural: Amadlozi

I'm grateful for idlozi lami


Idlala is a Kasi term for a house.

I want to buy idlala before I turn 30.


Ikari is a kasi term for a car.

Uthenge ikari ne dlala.
He bought a car and a house.

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