(XiTsonga) A sexy language that is mostly spoken in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Mozambique.
The people are Tsonga people.

My best friend is Tsonga but she can't speak XiTsonga properly.


To mize is to overlook/ignore something or someone intentionally.

Girls will mize you when you are broke!


A general term used to refer to a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

We are led by a very good fighter.


Short for mntasekhaya. A Xhosa term of endearment for family i.e siblings, cousins or even a dear friend.

- Yho mntase, you should have seen the way he looked at me.

- Never let men play you, mntase. Banyise bonke.


An iceboy / ice boy is a broke guy who drinks with guys who have money (usually guys he grew up with). They send him around to buy ice, open the beers for them and do all crazy things because he does not contribute financially.

Don't be fooled by all that alcohol he is carrying, he is just an iceboy and not the moreki.


Something very dull, dumb and dangerous

He is a ZANU PF


Also known as Woolies. This is a retail store that went to a private school. You go in there with your deep Zulu accent, but come out with that private school accent.

1. I speak like this because I drink Woolworths water every morning.

2. Tanqueray is the Woolworths of Gins.


Kasi term for cigarette.

Buy me some nkawza.
skyf nkawza da.


A kasi term that is used to refer to an older man. It is borrowed from Afrikaans and has a direct translation of big man.

Sure grootman, zkhiphani.

Financially deceased

When you are so broke, you literally have nothing left under your name.

1. I've been living on pap and atchaar because I'm financially deceased.

2. I can't pay you this week, I am financially deceased.

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