Res is a shortened name for a University or college residence.

I have applied for res because I am tired of staying at home.


A Xhosa term for Yes.

"Uhayi akasebenzi, kungcono uzame u ewe" - iFani


Isishumane or sishimane is a South African term used to refer to a single person who is not single by choice. It is mostly used in a mocking manner.

Aisuka, that one sisishumane esikhulu.


An iceboy / ice boy is a broke guy who drinks with guys who have money (usually guys he grew up with). They send him around to buy ice, open the beers for them and do all crazy things because he does not contribute financially.

Don't be fooled by all that alcohol he is carrying, he is just an iceboy and not the moreki.


A Xhosa term for small boy. It is generally used by older men when referring to a younger boy.
It can also be used to refer to an adult male but you need to make sure that you are not scared of that person you call kwedini.

I will moer you, kwedini. Don't disrespect me like that.


Unozala is a Xhosa slang term that means mother.

Ndikhumbula unozala now
I miss my mom.


One of the most popular name in textbook examples. This is the guy who always buy a lot of unnecessary things in the textbook.

No one:

Maths textbook: Thabo bought 20 watermelons and 16 condoms, how many cousins does Thabo have?


Limpopo is one of the provinces in South Africa. It was formerly called the Northern Province because it's in the northern part of South Africa.

Limpopo is one of my favourite places to visit.


A very offensive word that is used to refer to a foreigner.
Same as kwerekwere.

Stop calling our brothers and sisters amagweja!


A Zulu term for a Loan Shark, someone who offers loans at extremely high interest rates, has strict terms of collection upon failure, and generally operates outside of local authority.

I need to pay the mashonisa otherwise he will keep my ID and Bank cards.

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