This is the Orlando Pirates football club from Soweto, South Africa]. A person who is a fan of Pirates can also be referred to as Bhakaniya.

Bhakaniya has not won the league in a while now.

Batlao hurda

They will hurt you.

Tlohela banyana batlao hurda!


A slang term that means a white person.

That guy is always chilling with a ngamla.


A kasi word that is used to refer to money. 

I just need some zaka to buy the braai meat and all will be well


Is the Xhosa term for korobela - which is love potion given to your lover so that he/she only loves you.
It basically translates to yiva mna ndedwa (only hear me).

I won't mind even if you can give me ivamna.


To flex or to show off

Nna nkao tempela, net akerato bolela thata, ke dealer ka action.


Capping means
Talking or explaining,

why u dey capp naw or why you are you capping nonsense

Batla u hurda

It is a basic Sotho term that means they will hurt you. It is also a warning to the guys that girls are animals it's better to be single and drink alcohol

When you friends see that Amanda is going to play with your fellings, they simply use the term like
"🗣: Batla u hurda boy tlohella ngwanana enwa"


To show anger or disbelief.

Yeses maan, I am angry. How can this boy do this to me mara.


A name given to people of high status


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