Word used to express disbelief, surprise, dissatisfaction.

Bathong, that's so crazy.


A Xhosa greeting used to greet one person. To greet multiple people, you say molweni.
Some people spell it as mholo.

"Molo sisi, kunjani? Uphilile na? Bendicel'umzuzu wokuthetha nawe mna" - Mandisi Dyantyis


My friend

Mmata im broke


Gqirhy or gqwirhi is an informal Xhosa term used to refer to jealous or black magic tendencies.

I bought this car last month and today someone stole it. Yhu ni gqwirhy kulendawo


A South African slang term for someone with a big butt or nyash.

I don't like squats cause I don' t wanna be a mapakisha.


South African
slang commonly used in a Hip-Hop context for Hookah Pipe or “Hubbly-Bubbly”

Hade Broer, can you skyf pipe there?


A term used to refer to the South African Tactical Response Team.
Those cops that wear berets and moer people.

He was moered by amaberete, that's why he is behaving now.


Nyash, also known as ass is used to describe different categories of ladies depending on their origin. Ladies from Banda, Gulu, and Karamoja have no nyash. They are time wasters. Martin

The word nyash is used to describe big ass, or booty.


Nyash is a big,soft and round object behind a womans back like two planets

I doggy style your nyash


Ukusarha is a slang term that means you are always asking for things from people. For example, you are always asking for free alcohol, you never buy.

Yho I don't wanna chill with that guy again, uyasharha.

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