7 Colours

A meal that is generally cooked on Sundays in many households across Mzansi. It is coined as 7 colours because it comprises a lot of colourful ingredients; a mix of vegetables, starch and meat that make up various colours.

I went home last weekend and my highlight was the 7 colours oledi cooked.

Jiki jiki

Jiki jiki means all of a sudden or suddenly.

When we were growing you were dark, jiki jiki you are a yellow bone.


Amabutho are Zulu regiments (military units / warriors). During wars, amabutho used to be the first line of defence to protect the land, women and children from invaders.
Singular: Ibutho

The Zulu King was protected by Amabutho.


An action word which means to punch or slap, but can be as well used to refer to the sound made when someone or something is being punched.

I go give you gbosa for head.


Being selfish or being flashy

We cant go out with him because ano dada


mpundu is a Xhosa term for bums or ass.

1. Ndifuna ukutya iimpundu.
2. "Zodwa Wabantu, ndicela undiphe iimpundu" - Big Xhosa.


What this other gender say when a guy buys them a lousy streetwise 2.

He took me out yesterday, thungisani


The lethal vodka that is produced by Sminnorf.

She was downing 1818, that's why she's this drunk.


Is the Xhosa term for korobela - which is love potion given to your lover so that he/she only loves you.
It basically translates to yiva mna ndedwa (only hear me).

I won't mind even if you can give me ivamna.


An informal term mostly used by Xhosa people to refer to beer.

Sbwl iWash namhlanje.
I am craving beer today.

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