Bari is a name given to God in Ogoni land

Barikui which means God is big


In Urhobo kingdom ovwata meaning: Righteousness

This man is an upright man (ovwata ) righteousness


Agbarha-otor is a kingdom in north part of ughelli Delta state Nigeria. The meaning of Agbarha-otor: tier and loss Land

Let's tier and loss the land.
It's a misery words used and also some part ritual of the initiation of the ancient ancestors used for the generations to trace thier way back home

Ubi asha

Meaning white hair ( Gray hair )

Ubi asha in Urhobo language means white hair (Gray hair)


Nyash is a big,soft and round object behind a womans back like two planets

I doggy style your nyash


Egbolor, means bullet, ammunition

I want to shot egbolor


Toto means Pusy

See how this girl open her toto down


Nerovwo mean Hear pray.

Nerovwo; nerovwo mē , here my prayer


Ogidi means War, or disagreement

Ogigi: There is a Fight


This means, it's mine Riches.
From Agbarha-otor kingdom URHOBO Land

Simply means This is my Riches or can also be in a sentence, this is my wealth.
Efemena is an URHOBO Language

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