Amebo is a Nigerian slang term used to refer to a person who likes to gossip or likes to spread gossip.

You too like amebo.
You love gossip.

Yahoo boy

A guy who carries out 419 fraud on the internet (Those Nigerian prince scams).

I got scammed all my money by a Yahoo boy from Abuja.


Nyash is a slang term for big booty or big ass.

"If you don't have nyash as a woman, you are just wasting your time"


A term used to describe extreme poverty

SAPA don hold my guy

U gerrit

Do you understand

Do u gerrit


Chineke is the creator of the universe and everything good in it along with rain, trees, and other plants

Chineke, I can't believe I failed.

How far

This is a common Nigerian greeting that means "How is everything?" or "How is it going?". It is a simple, informal greeting that’s best used with people you know well, or in casual settings.

Hey man, How far?


A pidgin term for "please" or "I beg".

Abeg! No waste my time!


A term used to describe someone regarded as a fool or someone who is very gullible or being conned

My maga promise me hundred thousand Naira


An action word which means to punch or slap, but can be as well used to refer to the sound made when someone or something is being punched.

I go give you gbosa for head.

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