It is the Nigerian pidgin word for Penis

Davido's gbola is too big.


For people who as (bad mouth odour)"Gbaso" originated from Yoruba language

I could smell Joshua's "Gbaso"from that distance


K-leg is a Nigerian Pidgin term for when a situation or topic is either suspicious or untrue.

You sure of dis tin wey you dey talk so? Dis matter get k-leg.


A person who is always doing stupid things.
A foolish person.

Nnenna be mugu oh.


Rasto is a slang name for guys who are smart, kind, gentle, faithful, hardworking and Aquarian

Dera fidelis is the first Rasto ever. Rasto Val Fidelis is on Facebook


Nyash is a soft and succulent part of a woman's back side, and without nyash a lady has high risk of getting her desired man.

A nyashless woman must be plankish in structure


Bobby is a slang term for “big breast”or “big boobs”

as a woman if you don’t have bobby you supposed be a slave.


Nyash can be defined as something in a woman backside that make every man go crazy.

Like when a lady shake the Nyash, Men can never be themselves

We Meuuve

We Meuuve is a Nigerian slang term for "life goes on". It started from BBNaija 2020 star Vee Adeyele.

Life has been difficult but then, we meuuve!


Ajebutter is a term that refers to someone born with a silver spoon or born rich.

That guy is an ajebutter.

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