Comot is a Nigerian pidgin term that means 'go', 'leave', or 'get out!'

Make we comot (Let us go out)
Comot from dia ( leave)
Comot! (Get out!)


Wahala is a Nigerian slang term that means trouble.

Your wife is suspecting us, I don't want wahala.

Tight Nyansh

Conservative, miserly, cheap or
Extreemly stingy.

He eats once a day to save money." He wan do tight- yansh".


Jaga-jaga is a Nigerian slang term that means disorganised or disorderly.

Oboy, that beb na jaga jaga gal.


Kpekus is a Nigerian slang term that means a vagina.
It can sometimes also mean sex

You no want this kpekus?


Ashawo e it's a slang phrase and it means prostitute,escort.

That girl is an ashawo


Garri, pronounced gah-ree,, is made from granulated cassava, a root vegetable that's poisonous unless you peel and cook it first. Commonly found in West Africa, there are two types of garri: yellow and white. The flavor depends on how long it's been fermented and the presence of palm oil.

The prices of staple foods such as rice, beans and garri have increased astronomically.


Nyash simply means backside, booty, not just big one

Jane has big nyash and Mary has small nyash


Chop is a Nigerian slang term for eating.

I dey chop jollof rice.


Japa is a slang term derived from the Yoruba language. Japa simply means ‘to run swiftly’ out of a dangerous situation.

To 'Japa' means to abort, run, avoid, terminate, retreat or remove yourself from a situation, if used in a sentence.

I wan japa go South Africa next year.

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