Jou mase gat

This is an Afrikaans swear term that directly translates to “your mother’s vagina”. It’s similar to jou mase poes.

Voetsek with your nonsense, Jou mase gat.

Jah Gold

Humphrey Taremwa Hafiz commonly known as Jah Gold was born and raised in Kampala, He started music at home by listening to tapes on his Father's cassette and listening to Madilu system and Franco Luambo (Tp OK Jazz) ,he then developed his talent more at school and churches where he could lead choirs during his early years.

Jah Gold Music

Jollof boys

Jollof boys is a name given to Nigerian men in South Africa.

Who drives that Range Rover.
It's owned by this other Jollof boy who works in Hillbrow.


Jollofina is a name given to South African women who are dating Nigerian men.

She has all this money because she's dating Jollof boys. She's a Jollofina.


A nickname name united by two best friends meaning loyalty,ever last and trust between two names Junior and Moses aiming that the two remain friends forever

Example Junior and Moses united can be refered as Junimo in one

Jiki jiki

Jiki jiki means all of a sudden or suddenly.

When we were growing you were dark, jiki jiki you are a yellow bone.


Johannesburg also known informally as Jozi, Joburg, or "The City of Gold", is the largest city in South Africa. The city was established in 1886 following the discovery of gold on what had been a farm

My friends from Johannesburg don't know anything about struggle.


To jaiva is to dance.

I need to learn uku jaiva.


Jiva is a kasi term for dancing. It can also be spelt as Jaiva.

Ey wena uyathanda uku jiva.
You like dancing

jiki jiki

Suddenly/quickly and unexpectedly.

jiki jiki, a gusheshe came hurtling round the corner.

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