Tembisa or Thembisa is a large township situated to the north of Kempton Park on the East Rand, Gauteng, South Africa.

Tembisa is my Kasi. 1632 for life.


Itransi is a South African kasi slang term for a car.

The first thing I would buy if I win the lotto is itransi.

Tight Nyansh

Conservative, miserly, cheap or
Extreemly stingy.

He eats once a day to save money." He wan do tight- yansh".


To work; To get up against all odds and stand on business

U Cisha no Gawst basathesha e studio;
Besithesha murtu e spani vandaag


To work; to get up against all odds and stand on business; uku Thesha

uCishababhemu no Gawst basa thesha phezu kwe tape ezophuma ngey' 19 April.


Get a seamstress or a taylor to make you an outfit, because my relationship is getting serious and I may be getting married soon.

Thungisani it's looks like things are looking good.


Thonqo is a Xhosa slang term for an idiot or a fool.

Haisuka ngu thonqo lo
This is an idiot.


Toto means Pusy

See how this girl open her toto down


It is a language

I speak Tsonga

Thiefnibu ( Bola Tinubu)

Is a drug Lord who arrested in America for dealing in hard who contested to be a Nigerian president and was rejected by the masses but he rigged his way to be declared the winner after paying the INEC chairman $177 million US dollars
Thiefnibu:means criminals / he’s a criminal who looted his lagos state funds for himself
Thiefnibu/ is a wanted criminals in America; he forged his identity
Thiefnibu;- Bola Tinubu is not his real name he stole a woman name

Thiefnibu ;- is a name given to Tinubu who’s a drug from Nigerian who contested to become president

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