Thonqo is a Xhosa slang term for an idiot or a fool.

Haisuka ngu thonqo lo
This is an idiot.


Toto means Pusy

See how this girl open her toto down


It is a language

I speak Tsonga

Thiefnibu ( Bola Tinubu)

Is a drug Lord who arrested in America for dealing in hard who contested to be a Nigerian president and was rejected by the masses but he rigged his way to be declared the winner after paying the INEC chairman $177 million US dollars
Thiefnibu:means criminals / he’s a criminal who looted his lagos state funds for himself
Thiefnibu/ is a wanted criminals in America; he forged his identity
Thiefnibu;- Bola Tinubu is not his real name he stole a woman name

Thiefnibu ;- is a name given to Tinubu who’s a drug from Nigerian who contested to become president

Titty Tuesday

Titty Tuesday is celebrated every Tuesday. This is the day of the week where girls send titty (boobs) pictures to guys they like.

Happy Titty Tuesday to all the girls out there.

Tman or kingsley

A person that robs other people cash.

I will never make an equal share i will tman or kingsley anyone because i have a family to feed.


In South Africa, the terms township and location usually refer to the often underdeveloped, racially segregated urban areas that, from the late 19th century until the end of apartheid, were reserved for non-whites, namely Black Africans, Coloureds and Indians.

Each and every township in South Africa is almost the same.


A South African Pedi tribe respectful greeting.



Ithuvi is a Xhosa slang term for shit or kaka.

Uthetha ithuvi.
You are talking shit.


Tata, a colloquial word from Liberia, is used to refer to the female organ responsible for receiving the penis in a friendly manner.

The softness and sweetness of Kebeh's tata send one to chill in heaven with Christ and Father Abraham.

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