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"Do you know where I'm qwelling?"


Qonce is the Xhosa name for King Williams Town in Eastern Cape.

Born and bred eQonce, chief.


Ukuqabula is an informal Xhosa term for taking out babalaas. Basically the act of drinking the morning after a heavy night of drinking.

I'm dying from babalaas now, ndifuna ukuqabula.


Qhoqhoqho is a Xhosa term for the trachea (windpipe/throat).

Ndizakuqhawula uqhoqhoqho.
I will slit your throat.


Iqaza is a Xhosa slang term for a shoe or shoes.

Ndibone enye iqaza egrand eSportscene.
I saw these other nice shoes at Sportscene.


Qlyv is a shortened version of "Ndiyaqala uyiva", a Xhosa term that means "it is my first time hearing about it".

Girl 1: I hear you are dating Thabo.
Girl 2: Qlyv

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