Ukuqabula is an informal Xhosa term for taking out babalaas. Basically the act of drinking the morning after a heavy night of drinking.

I'm dying from babalaas now, ndifuna ukuqabula.


Qhoqhoqho is a Xhosa term for the trachea (windpipe/throat).

Ndizakuqhawula uqhoqhoqho.
I will slit your throat.


Iqaza is a Xhosa slang term for a shoe or shoes.

Ndibone enye iqaza egrand eSportscene.
I saw these other nice shoes at Sportscene.


Qlyv is a shortened version of "Ndiyaqala uyiva", a Xhosa term that means "it is my first time hearing about it".

Girl 1: I hear you are dating Thabo.
Girl 2: Qlyv

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