GNU, or Government of National Unity, is a government that was proposed by the ANC after they failed to achieve above 50% in the 2024 Elections. It entails forming a broad coalition government consisting of all parties represented in the national legislature. 

I don't know how to feel about this GNU. 


A situationship is a romantic or sexual relationship that is not considered to be formal or established.

I’m considering turning my situationship into a relationship.


Stufuza is a term for a chubby person.

I like my man as a stufuza.


A frontal refers to a hairpiece that has a strip of material which runs from ear to ear.

Every girl deserves ifrontal this December.

Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa is the current president of the Republic of South Africa.

We are calling for Cyril Ramaphosa to answer for his Phala Phala farm saga.


isichitho is curse or spell that is made by people using a muthi to make a divisions in a relationship, sometimes families, by making a victim unattractive and annoying.

They tried to use isichitho to make my boyfriend dump me.

Hlamba iphepha

A tradition in South Africa that celebrates the end of exam season. It loosely translates to "washing the paper".
High school kids typically go on a drinking spree (underage drinking).

I can't wait for the exams to finish so that sizokuhlamba iphepha.


Isgaxa or isigaxa means Big news, like WOW, like Yhoo, like I don't believe it.

Everyday is a new sgaxa, I've run out of haibos.


It is a word mostly used by Afrikaans speaking people that means friend or brother, depending on the context.

Listen here, boet. I will moer you.


Igqwirha is a Xhosa term for someone who practices witchcraft (a witch).

Ligqwirha ke la sisi
That woman is a witch.

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