South African potato-like tuber (Colocasia esculenta and Colocasia antiquorum), cultivated mostly in KwaZulu-Natal, greyish in colour and rather tasty. From the isiZulu amadumbe .

When I go to KZN, I have to get myself amadumbe.


A vulgar or explicit way to say butt or ass.

Do not say this to anyone or you will be moered. 

You are mad, mdidi wakho. 


An expression of extreme surprise. Used with a question mark.
Equivalent to "what the fuck?"
Derived from the praise "and then..."

Ah, enden? What happened here?


Short for Magezel'empompeni, is a derogatory name used to refer to a taxi driver. The word directly translates to "the one who baths from a tap". The name originates from that stereotype that taxi drivers have a long distance relationship with water.

Abo mageza from Jozi are so rude and funny at the same time.

Beke le beke

Beke le beke is a Basotho (Tswana, Pedi, Sotho) term for weekly or week after week.

I do this beke le beke... asbonge.

Bunny Chow

Curry served in a hollowed-out half-loaf of bread, with the hollowed-out piece of bread placed on top.

I am gonna have a bunny chow for lunch.


Showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.

she keeps telling me I'm fat and she is always making derogatory remarks.


Also known as Eskom - Those assholes who are supposed to be providing South Africa with consistent electricity supply but instead they bring us consistent Load Shedding.

It's dark again. Blame ass-kom.


The word that refers to when the head has been shaved to be bald.

Men with chiskop are a bit scary.


A person, usually a blesser or sugar mama who just swipes his/her card without any hesitation.

We are out of beer... mswapheni
We are out of meat... mswapheni

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