To mize is to overlook/ignore something or someone intentionally.

Girls will mize you when you are broke!


Maleven was a South African criminal who used to hijack cars and do house breakings around Benoni. He rose into fame after his interview with BBC. He is rumoured to have passed away.

Maleven: I will show you with your last born if you don't want to give me money.


Mom I'd Like to Fuck.
What were you watching that made you search for this word?

You were watching some Milf videos?

Could of

The incorrect way of spelling "could have".

He could of been killed if it wasn't for me.


An Afrikaans slang term for pussy or cunt. it is typically considered a foul word as it is often used to refer to or describe something with great disgust.

Get out of here jou ma se poes


A Kasi term for a chubby or a fat person.

Eish that girl sisdudla and I love her.


Is the slanh term for Ga-Rankuwa, a township in Tshwane/Pitori.

I'm coming from Rankuwa.


A Xhosa/Zulu term for Balls (As in testicles, not a soccer ball).
Also see marete.

Amasende akho ayanuka.

It will end in tears

A statement made by bitter and jealous people when they see other people happy(especially a couple).

They are all lovey dovey now but it will end in tears.


A Zulu term that means for nothing. Free; obtained without payment or difficulty. It is however not only used by Zulu, it has been incorporated to modern South African lingo.

Buy 1 drink and get the second one mahala.

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