Kido Lava

A South African Musician That wants a family that looks like Beyoncé’s & to grow old with his partner.

Baby ndicela ichance ndiku bonise ngifuna umndeni wethu ufane noBeyonce. Start a generation sibe habo grams. Kido Lava On Yafinijwa

For days

A term referring to a large amount of something.

I've got alcohol for days, fam.


Stufuza is a term for a chubby person.

I like my man as a stufuza.


The word referring to a "Place", could be a Home, special venue or any place.

We will meet at my Pozi..We will meet at my house.


A domkop is a name given to someone who is an idiot.

You can be a domkop sometimes 🤦🏽‍♂️

A loota continua

The looting continues.
This is a term that was first used in the 2020 covid-19 lootings that were happening in South Africa.

Covidpreneur 1: Which car are you buying with that Covid-19 money that's supposed to help your community?
Covidpreneur 2: Getting myself a G Class.
Covidpreneur 1: A loota continua


Dankie is an Afrikaans term for "thank you". It is however used informally in almost all the South African languages for showing gratitude.

Man 1: You left your phone in the bathroom, I left it at the reception.
Man 2: Dankie, chief.


Is a Xhosa term for pubic hair.

Voetsek utsho ngezinza ezibomvu.


Also known as Woolies. This is a retail store that went to a private school. You go in there with your deep Zulu accent, but come out with that private school accent.

1. I speak like this because I drink Woolworths water every morning.

2. Tanqueray is the Woolworths of Gins.


Show you flames or to literally make you shit yourself.

Mjolo will nyisa you. 

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