Al Ahly

The best soccer team in Africa.

Al Ahly beat Kaizer Chiefs 3-0 to claim the CAF Champions league.

Yellow Bone

A term that is used to refer to light skinned people (mostly girls).
If you are a guy and someone calls you a yellow bone, then something is wrong my guy 😂

We were just chilling and this yellow bone came in and everyone was looking at her. It was like a dream 😍


The word is used as an intentional misspelling and pronunciation of the word ‘amandla’ which means strength.

The word was popularised on social media after Naomi Campbell said ‘amandala’ instead of the correct ‘amandla’ at the Global Citizen Festival in 2018.

You'll be strong. Hayi wethu Amandala to you.


A very offensive word that is used to refer to a foreigner.
Same as kwerekwere.

Stop calling our brothers and sisters amagweja!


A lunchbox; a portable, usually plastic, container for food, such as Tupperware.
Also occurs as skaftien, skhafthin

Plase bring a skaftin, I want to put my leftovers. 


A Xhosa term that directly translates to "y'all would shit".

No one:

Black Coffee: Ninganya


To jaiva is to dance.

I need to learn uku jaiva.


Iqaba is a Nguni term for a barbarian or a person believed to be uncivilised or uncultured.
Plural Amaqaba

They used to call me iqaba because I come from the villages.


Is an Afrikaans term for complitely fed up or very upset.

I am gatvol with Kaizer Chiefs.

It will end in tears

A statement made by bitter and jealous people when they see other people happy(especially a couple).

They are all lovey dovey now but it will end in tears.

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