A derogatory term for foreigners in South African slang, particularly foreigners from African countries.
Can also be spelt as Kwirikwiri or kwarakwara.

Stop calling foreign people kwerekwere!

Park the bus

In soccer, to park the bus means to play very defensively, to get a lot of players behind the ball. Imagine a bus parked in front of the goal. It is almost impossible to score.

Park the bus, Man United. Playing football the Mourinho way


Gqirhy or gqwirhi is an informal Xhosa term used to refer to jealous or black magic tendencies.

I bought this car last month and today someone stole it. Yhu ni gqwirhy kulendawo


The skrr skrr way of saying clean.

Just got a new haircut. I look tlean.


Bobby is a common name for a dog (usually bad dogs).

Mlume bobby! Mlume!

Boer maak 'n plan

It literally means a farmer makes a plan.
It’s testament to the fact that the Afrikaner will figure stuff out. If there’s a problem, he’ll find a workaround. If something is scarce, he’ll find a substitute.

These power cuts are annoying but 'n Boer maak 'n plan.


Amakhosi is another name for the South African soccer team (Future African Champions) Kaizer Chiefs.

Amakhosi are getting a star when they win the finals.


Tsotsi language. Generally means a mistake or nonsense. Can be pronounced as "flop" or "flopo"

Eish ke editse flopo

I made a mistake


Is a South African slang term for prison or jail.

Idanyane can cause you to do things you never thought you'd do.


A guy.
Random guy

Chaaka ngwiya okwa swaka

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