Papsak is the foil container that's put inside a box of wine (3L or 5L). The term can be used to refer to to cheap or low quality wine.

We used to moer papsak when we were learning to drink.


Unotshe is a Xhosa interjection that means never or can be used as "over my dead body". It is pronounced as uno-chair.

I will not allow you to marry my daughter. Unotshe!


Limpopo people's favourite food, made from maize meal.

We need more pap for the braai.


560 is a Xhosa slang term for main chick or the main partner.

I can't date you cause you know I have a 560.


Msotra is the slang term for Soweto township.

Ngise Msotra and I'm chillin' with the thugs


The word referring to a "Place", could be a Home, special venue or any place.

We will meet at my Pozi..We will meet at my house.


It's those mxit abbreviations from back in the day that means "What are you doing"

Guy: Hi
Girl: Hi
Guy: Hud
Girl: Gud u
Guy: Gud, wud?

Financially deceased

When you are so broke, you literally have nothing left under your name.

1. I've been living on pap and atchaar because I'm financially deceased.

2. I can't pay you this week, I am financially deceased.


University of South Africa - The biggest University in South Africa in terms of number of students. It is known for its distance learning programmes. Majority of students who go here are not at an actual campus. Covid found them ready.

I have applied at UNISA, I want to study while chilling at home.

Tlof tlof

Another word for sex. It is called tlof tlof because of the sounds during sex.

He started crying during tlof tlof.

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