icatchile idyan

This means that the dyan has caught feelings.

I can't believe icatchile idyan.

Batla u hurda

It is a basic Sotho term that means they will hurt you. It is also a warning to the guys that girls are animals it's better to be single and drink alcohol

When you friends see that Amanda is going to play with your fellings, they simply use the term like
"🗣: Batla u hurda boy tlohella ngwanana enwa"


Someone who is not good at something

Chomi ya ka ke patla ka bolo


The lethal vodka that is produced by Sminnorf.

She was downing 1818, that's why she's this drunk.


A gay person

Voetsek jou sapa!


Igqwirha is a Xhosa term for someone who practices witchcraft (a witch).

Ligqwirha ke la sisi
That woman is a witch.


Illegal drinking place. In South Africa, it refers to unlicensed bars in Kasi and has become a mainstream word.

I last saw him drinking Zamalek at the shebeen yesterday.


A vulgar or explicit way to say butt or ass.

Do not say this to anyone or you will be moered. 

You are mad, mdidi wakho. 


Inkqayi is a Xhosa term for chiskop. Like when you cut all of your hair (bald).
A lot of people misspell it as nqayi.

Soze ndiphinde ndichebe inkqayi.


Umkhonto is a Nguni term or word for a spear (the weapon).

Ndicela undinike umkhonto wam.
Can you please give me my spear.

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