A Xhosa term that means for nothing. Free; obtained without payment or difficulty.

Buy 1 drink and get the second one simahla.


A Mabena is a person who is always making mistakes and who is a disappointment.

Disappoint me again, Mabena.


"A kere" or " Akere" is a commonly spoken interjection in Setswana, which often translates to "is it not?" or "isn't it" in short. It is usually placed at the end of a declarative sentence to turn it into a question.

"Leina la gago ke Thabo, akere?" >> Your name is Tshepo, isn't it?

Side chick

A side chick is a girl that is being dated by a guy who is in a serious relationship with someone else (main chick).

The girl he was with is his side chick.


A muscular, loving, over-protective man whom you never want to lose in your life whether as a friend or a partner... (smile keeper)

I have encounter a man like braaipack


Plural: Amabhinca
Ibhinca is a Zulu person who practices their traditional Zulu culture, including wearing the traditional attire and listening to Maskandi

I had to act like I love Maskandi cause I was drinking with ibhinca.


A Zulu term for an assassin or hitman (a person hired to kill another person or a group of people), very popular in the KwaZulu Natal province.

They hired inkabi to kill him but he survived.


A Zulu name for a girl that means loved one or loved.
Means loved.

Ungothandiwe kakhulu .


A Xhosa or Zulu term for a white person.

My best friend is umlungu.


Gwala is a Nguni term for a coward.

Ey that grootman ligwala.

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