Word meaning drink, any type of drink and mostly biased towards alcohol drinks.

uspinza ini? What are you drinking?


Papsak is the foil container that's put inside a box of wine (3L or 5L). The term can be used to refer to to cheap or low quality wine.

We used to moer papsak when we were learning to drink.


Masonja are Mopane worms that are mostly eaten in Limpopo.

I would rather starve than to eat masonja.


A quarter loaf of bread hollowed out and filled with combinations of atchar, polony (Bologna), Russian sausages, slap chips, cheese, eggs, chilli sauce and more. A street food / kasi variant of the more suburban bunny chow.

I'm definitely getting myself a kota the next time I visit Gomora.


A spicy vegetable dish traditionally served as a sauce or relish with bread, pap, samp, stews or curries

A braai is not complete without chakalaka.

Bunny Chow

Curry served in a hollowed-out half-loaf of bread, with the hollowed-out piece of bread placed on top.

I am gonna have a bunny chow for lunch.


A South African slang term for food / to eat.

1. Food - They serve nice chow there.
2. Eat - Let's go chow before the dining hall closes.


A spicy relish of Indian origin, much like a mix between chutney and a pickle and usually made from green mangoes.

I eat everything with atchar 🤞🏽


A Xhosa and Zulu term for thick curdled milk, also known as maas; similar to yoghurt. A traditional drink, amasi is now produced commercially.

Xhosa people would choose amasi over meat.


A dumpie is a term that refers to a 340ml beer or cider.

I prefer drinking dumpie over a ngudu.

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