Mentally challenged,crazy

Ngwanola o zodwa


Sibeko is a term that has been used to refer to a drunkard. This is due to a character from the famous South African sitcom, Emzini wezinsizwa, who was always drunk.
Now Sibeko is synonymous for drunkard.

Why did you give him money, don't you know he's a Sibeko?


Ikaka is a term that means shit

Uthetha ikaka kwedini
You are talking shit young boy


Impandla is a Nguni term for bald hair (when men lose their hair).

He's always wearing a cap because unempandla.


I'm not with it

You want me to sacrifice my time for something that won't work out? Andizi shame


Izinyanya is a Xhosa term for ancestors.

Ndiyabulela kuni zinyanya.


Danko is the same as Afrikaans word dankie which symbolises acceptance and appreciation, it basically means thank you.

The South African government said Danko to everyone who got vaccinated.


A liberator, Someone who gives freedom

Uthixo nguMkhululi wethu


A Xhosa word for dating

Umjolo uzokulimaza mntase


Hierso is a South African slang term that means "Here", "Right here". It is taken from the Afrikaans language.

"I'll be hierso goseng, wa nkolota" - Khuli Chana in No More Hunger

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