This is Zulu for masturbation.

Uyayishaya Indians mfana wami.


A Mzansi slang for guy or friend or boy.

What’s up boyzin.

Durban poison

A very strong strain of dagga or weed grown in Durban.

This is not your normal shit, this is Durban poison.

Daka Boy

Daka Boy is a derogatory term for someone who mixes the cement during construction.

He lied to you, he’s not the foreman, he’s the Daka Boy.


Mamzo is a kasi slang term for mom or mother.

Eish sorry mamzo, I won’t do it again.


GNU, or Government of National Unity, is a government that was proposed by the ANC after they failed to achieve above 50% in the 2024 Elections. It entails forming a broad coalition government consisting of all parties represented in the national legislature. 

I don't know how to feel about this GNU. 


Wena is a Nguni term that means “you”.

Hey wena, come here.


Itransi is a South African kasi slang term for a car.

The first thing I would buy if I win the lotto is itransi.


Isgubhu is a South African slang term that initially meant music drums or a bassline before it later referred to all dance music.

South Africans love any song with isgubhu


Iphara is a South African slang term for a drug addict, mostly those ones who terrorise the community.

He was doing well until he started smoking nyaope. He has now become iphara.

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