Umuntu wesifazane

A snake in human form,could also be define as devil herself.

Umuntu wesifaza utsandza imali.


It is used to describe something that is very nice or can be used when you agree or like something

This food is very nxa
Nxa I'll see you later


It's a Xhosa word for a cologne

Can you borrow me your qula


It's a Xhosa slang word for a watch

Where is ihlongo lam


Another level

"Do you know where I'm qwelling?"


Inja is a Nguni term for a dog.

Lo mjita yinja. This guy is a dog.


Venda or Tshivenda is a Bantu language and an official language of South Africa and Zimbabwe. It is mainly spoken by the Venda people or Vhaven?a in the northern part of South Africa's Limpopo province, as well as by some Lemba people in South Africa.

MacG is Venda, by the way.


Mabopane is a residential township in South Africa. It is situated in the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, to the north of Pretoria in Gauteng.

I was visiting a friend in Mabopane.


Soshanguve is a township situated about 30 km north of Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, just east of Mabopane. The name Soshanguve is an acronym for Sotho, Shangaan, Nguni and Venda, thus showing the multi-ethnic composition of the population.

If you can make it in Soshanguve, you can make it anywhere.


Fororo is the ass crack, especially the one that shows when the pants are falling.

When I saw my mechanic’s for, I knew he was the right one for the job.

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