Stufuza is a term for a chubby person.

I like my man as a stufuza.


Its more of a word of disbelief or a lie example when someone says something like"oh i'm sure she's a humble girl and doesn't do thing like other people her age" but you know that's not true it like you know something but instead you use the phase "welele" to like tell the other person that it's not true or it's a lie

"Did you hear that she broke up with her boyfriend again" then someone says "welele" in disbelief

Tman or kingsley

A person that robs other people cash.

I will never make an equal share i will tman or kingsley anyone because i have a family to feed.


a person that wont let you rob or disrespect him.

You better treat me with respect others i will show you my Ricks side.

Kido Lava

A dalarist.

In this economy you need someone that is Kido Lava, someone who has istapura, a dalarist.


A person with a heart made out of ice, with rotten intentions.

Umfana doesn’t deserve anything in this world.

Gun Dubula

A Gun Dubula is a person in Kasi who carries a gun and shoots people (trigger happy).

Do you remember that Gun Dubula who jumped the school fence and shot a rival gang member who was writing exams?


Mamboyi is a colloquial term for alcoholic beverage, Old Buck.

I only drink Mamboyi when I’m in the bundus.


Ntu means a human being and it emphasises that there is spirit of oneness and harmony among people and nature.

Funda ukuphilisana na-ba-ntu


Istabane or isitabane is a derogatory term for a gay person.

Dai man ke stabane.
That man is gay.

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