Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday is a day that everyone is allowed to be as freaky as they want, from being a slut to being as creepy. it is celebrated every Friday with the hastag #FreakyFriday

free pass to being Freaky

Women Crush Wednesday

women crush Wednesday is a day dedicated to all the important women in our lives. it's is celebrated every Wednesday with the hastag #WomenCrushWednessday

happy women crush Wednesday to all the women❤️

Family Bars

Family bars are what the skrr skrr generation calls clan names (izithakazelo).

Man, I wish I knew how to recite my Family Bars.


A South African slang term for someone with a big butt or nyash.

I don't like squats cause I don' t wanna be a mapakisha.


Haganapayi or haganapie is a Xhosa slang word that means empty head or idiot.

Don’t tell me about that haganapayi, azithi dadobawo pha.


Rabha (pronounced rubber) is a Xhosa slang term for a kiss.

When she got here, ndiye ndamthi rabha.
When she got here, I gave her a kiss.

Jou mase gat

This is an Afrikaans swear term that directly translates to “your mother’s vagina”. It’s similar to jou mase poes.

Voetsek with your nonsense, Jou mase gat.

Cyril Ramaphosa

The most useless president South Africa has ever had.

Things are falling apart in Mzansi because of Cyril Ramaphosa.

Skrr skrr nigger

Skrr skrr niggers are mostly born in 2000 .. They wear weird clothes and walk around high thinking they belong in america.. Mostly they are identified by their slung accent , nick names like ayc durk, black dugger or yng notolious .. And they listen to weird hip hop musics.. Mostly made in this generation thinking that they made it in life and also tend to think like they are similar to their favourite rapper.. One of the most favourite rapper of these screw screw niggers is j cole..

Hes a skrr skrr nigger that's why he speaks in that way..

She realised that hes a skrr skrr nigger after he broke up with her


Thonqo is a Xhosa slang term for an idiot or a fool.

Haisuka ngu thonqo lo
This is an idiot.

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