Jollof boys

Jollof boys is a name given to Nigerian men in South Africa.

Who drives that Range Rover.
It's owned by this other Jollof boy who works in Hillbrow.


Jollofina is a name given to South African women who are dating Nigerian men.

She has all this money because she's dating Jollof boys. She's a Jollofina.


Ukuqabula is an informal Xhosa term for taking out babalaas. Basically the act of drinking the morning after a heavy night of drinking.

I'm dying from babalaas now, ndifuna ukuqabula.


Yihlo is a Xhosa term for father or dad. It can also used informally to refer to a male friend or male family member.

Hlonipha uyihlo no nyoko.
Respect your dad and mom.


Umkhonto is a Nguni term or word for a spear (the weapon).

Ndicela undinike umkhonto wam.
Can you please give me my spear.


'N' a slight sleep or short sleep, especially during the day.

I wanna take a nap in my room.
I thought he want to catch a nap.


The name South Africans gave Queen Elizabeth when she died 😅

Hitler is reportedly having a nice time with Lizbet in hell.


Imoto is a Nguni term for a car.

Xhosa: Ndiyayithanda imoto yam.
Zulu: Ngiyayithanda imoto yami.


Ukudla is the formal Zulu term for food.

Ngifuna ukudla kwami.
I want my food.


Ukutya is the Xhosa formal term for food.

Ndifuna ukutya kwam.
I want my food

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