What's going on, what's up

Hey, dintshang?


Used in saying someone or something done is cool. It also depends on how you say what you are trying to say.

O dese!- Your cool/ You are cool!
E dese!- Its cool!


Dispa is a Xhosa slang term that means to sleep.

Sure boss, ndisayo dispa ngoku.
Sure boss, I am going to sleep now.


A domkop is a name given to someone who is an idiot.

You can be a domkop sometimes 🤦🏽‍♂️


Dagga is the term we use in South Africa to refer to weed.

I can't wait to get home and smoke my dagga.


Drop is a Kasi term for gonorrhea (a type of STI).

He got a drop after sleeping with that girl last week.


DSD DUBULA SODUBULANA ugqoko oludlela imbongolo is the name of an african legend who has contributed a lot to the music genre of Maskandi

uma nilahla uDSD nina nizoshonaphi

During the people

Is a general term used to refer to "around people" or ween there are people present.

Imagine, they were busy kissing during the people.

Die poppie sal dans

Die poppie sal dans is a popular South African term that means there will be trouble or havoc.
The direct translation from Afrikaans is: The dolls will dance

Mom told them to take out the meat from the freezer in the morning and they forgot. Die poppie sal dans when she comes back from church.


Being selfish or being flashy

We cant go out with him because ano dada

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