Al Ahly

A team that got beaten 5 - 2 by Sundowns (the best football team in Africa)

Don’t worry about that team. It’s an Al Ahly.

Ane deng

A SePitori word meaning "something"

"Ako botse ane deng mfanaka"
"Let me tell you something buddy"


Afrikaners are a South African ethnic group descended from predominantly Dutch settlers first arriving at the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th and 18th centuries

Contrary to popular belief, Afrikaners are also Africans.


Afrikaaps is a slang version of Afrikaans, spoken in Cape Town.

I proudly speak Afrikaaps.


Hostile or prejudiced against Jewish people.

Kanye West is being canceled after he made some anti-semitic remarks.


Ajebutter is a term that refers to someone born with a silver spoon or born rich.

That guy is an ajebutter.


Amazaza is a South African slang term for Sunglasses.

Why are you wearing amazaza at night?


ASAP is an acronym for As Soon As Possible.

I need to see you ASAP.

After 9

After 9 is a term used to refer to men who act straight but are secretly gay or homosexual at night (After 9pm).

Ma after 9 are always after my friend at groove.


Is a language created by dutch people, although in dutch translates to african it is not of that origin.

I just learned to speak afrikaans.

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