ASAP is an acronym for As Soon As Possible.

I need to see you ASAP.

After 9

After 9 is a term used to refer to men who act straight but are secretly gay or homosexual at night (After 9pm).

Ma after 9 are always after my friend at groove.


Is a language created by dutch people, although in dutch translates to african it is not of that origin.

I just learned to speak afrikaans.


A man/boy/guy, also synonymous with "gent", "mjita".
Plural: Ma auti

I was out with ma auti


Amebo is a Nigerian slang term used to refer to a person who likes to gossip or likes to spread gossip.

You too like amebo.
You love gossip.


The feeling of wanting to explain something and not finding the right term to do that,

Eish "Alostro" mfowethu (unexplainable)


People who are extremely ignorant, yet simultaneously extremely arrogant.

He thinks he knows more than scientists, he is very agnorant.


I don’t know

Yhoo andiyazi chom


I'm not with it

You want me to sacrifice my time for something that won't work out? Andizi shame

Al Ahly

The best soccer team in Africa.

Al Ahly beat Kaizer Chiefs 3-0 to claim the CAF Champions league.

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