I'm not with it

You want me to sacrifice my time for something that won't work out? Andizi shame

Al Ahly

The best soccer team in Africa.

Al Ahly beat Kaizer Chiefs 3-0 to claim the CAF Champions league.


Amakhosi is another name for the South African soccer team (Future African Champions) Kaizer Chiefs.

Amakhosi are getting a star when they win the finals.


Asbonge is a Zulu term for "Let's give thanks" or "Let's be thankful"

Beke le beke asbonge bafethu.


Agang is a Tswana verb that means build

In Tswana
- Agang ntlo.
In English
- Build a house.


Is a conceptual art t-shirt and sneaker brand that turns concepts into art in a form of fashion expression.

I love the t-shirt that I bought from ABSTRACT WRLD DESIGNS.

Azithi dadobawo

Is a colloquial Xhosa term for crazy or mentally disturbed.
It is mostly used as an insult.

Ingathi azithi dadobawo pha apha kuwe wena.


Andizi is a Xhosa term for I am not coming.

Q: Are you coming or not?
A: Andizi!


Is a slang term for money.

I need amachankura.


Amabutho are Zulu regiments (military units / warriors). During wars, amabutho used to be the first line of defence to protect the land, women and children from invaders.
Singular: Ibutho

The Zulu King was protected by Amabutho.

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