A person with a heart made out of ice, with rotten intentions.

Umfana doesn’t deserve anything in this world.


Umkhonto is a Nguni term or word for a spear (the weapon).

Ndicela undinike umkhonto wam.
Can you please give me my spear.


Ukudla is the formal Zulu term for food.

Ngifuna ukudla kwami.
I want my food.


Ukutya is the Xhosa formal term for food.

Ndifuna ukutya kwam.
I want my food


Ukutula-tula is isiBhaca word meaning to wander around.

Ebetula-tula yonke indzawo.
He was wandering all over the place

Umjolo nyised

It's a Zulu word that describes that a person is emotionally damaged.

Umjolo nyised my friend

Umntu Ka Sphokazi

Sphokazi's girlfriend who is extremely gorgeous and funny- dash of sluttism.

Have a day as beautiful as Umntu Ka Sphokazi

U gerrit

Do you understand

Do u gerrit


In Xhosa culture, umgidi is the ceremony that's done to celebrate a boy or boys (mkhwetha) coming back from the mountain (initiation school).

I can't wait to attend umgidi ka Boy

uncle vrrr

its person that makes jokes

bossa are you with uncle vrrr???

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