Umjolo nyised

It's a Zulu word that describes that a person is emotionally damaged.

Umjolo nyised my friend

Umntu Ka Sphokazi

Sphokazi's girlfriend who is extremely gorgeous and funny- dash of sluttism.

Have a day as beautiful as Umntu Ka Sphokazi

U gerrit

Do you understand

Do u gerrit


In Xhosa culture, umgidi is the ceremony that's done to celebrate a boy or boys (mkhwetha) coming back from the mountain (initiation school).

I can't wait to attend umgidi ka Boy

uncle vrrr

its person that makes jokes

bossa are you with uncle vrrr???


A Xhosa word for dating

Umjolo uzokulimaza mntase


Unozethe is what Xhosa people say to refer to someone who is extremely annoying.

Yhu unezothe ke la bhuti.
That man is extremely annoying.


Offensive. Refers to a penis

She just wants umthondo wami


Umakoti is a Nguni term for a bride or bride to be.

Are you ready to be umakoti apha ekhaya?


In Xhosa culture, Utsiki is the ritual where the bride to be (umakoti) has to eat a goat meat and drinks the sour milk of that particular family in which she is married to. It's basically the ceremony to welcome her to the family.

No one:

Xhosa girls: sbwl utsiki.

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