Fokkol is a popular South African term for Nothing, dololo, nix.

I fear fokkol!!!


Ufasti is a term Xhosa people use to refer to the main chick or main partner. Some call it 560.

Ngufasti wam lawey
She is my main girlfriend

For days

A term referring to a large amount of something.

I've got alcohol for days, fam.

Family meeting

Whenever President Cyril Ramaphosa sets up a time to address the country about Covid.

There will be another family meeting, I hope he doesn't ban alcohol again.


Fear Of Missing Out.

I didn't go out on Friday and the way I was suffering from FOMO.


First Lady Of The United States

Did you hear that the FLOTUS plagiarized her speech?


A general term used to refer to a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

We are led by a very good fighter.


A term generally used as an informal greeting around Gauteng. Chances are no one will know how to reply to you if you use this term anywhere other than Gauteng.

Sharp fede majita, dintshang da?

Flavoured air

This is the premium air that people from Pitori think they breathe, while the rest of the world breathes normal air.

Pretorians like to think they breathe flavoured air

Financial comma

When you are almost broke, you are only left with money to survive for less than a week.

I can't go out today, I'm in a financial comma, and I'm only getting paid next week.

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