Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday is a day that everyone is allowed to be as freaky as they want, from being a slut to being as creepy. it is celebrated every Friday with the hastag #FreakyFriday

free pass to being Freaky

Family Bars

Family bars are what the skrr skrr generation calls clan names (izithakazelo).

Man, I wish I knew how to recite my Family Bars.


Fede may be used to say "alright" or "okay" and it is mainly used that way in the southern townships of Johannesburg and many parts of Gauteng.

Fede, I'll sort it out.


Fean Someone who craves and/or is obsessed to something that is healthy, good or clean. A clean addiction.

- That dude is really well built... he must be a workout Fean!

- That fisherman eats, sleeps and breaths all things fishing.. he must be a Fishing Fean!


Fanagalo or Fanakalo is an informal language mainly spoken in mines across South Africa. It is composed of frequently corrupted elements of the Nguni languages, English and Afrikaans.

I knew they were Zama zamas because I heard them speaking Fanagalo.


A frontal refers to a hairpiece that has a strip of material which runs from ear to ear.

Every girl deserves ifrontal this December.


Someone who likes the idea of being fit but also likes food.

I may look fit but I regard myself as fit-ish.


A Facebook Celebrity!
A feleb is a person who is famous on Facebook but not really famous in real life.

That one is only a feleb, nothing much.


Tsotsi language. Generally means a mistake or nonsense. Can be pronounced as "flop" or "flopo"

Eish ke editse flopo

I made a mistake


Feranja is an insult used towards girls to say they are ratchet or hoes .

Uyi feranja uZenkosi

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