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Hes a skrr skrr nigger that's why he speaks in that way..

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The moment Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in.

It’s starting to feel like Smonday now 😭


A term used to refer to "something" or a thing.

Have you seen that shandis?


A revered gay celebrity (Somizi Mhlongo) in South Africa. The name has come to identify a gay person.

Girl 1: Check out that fine guy in a blue shirt.
Girl 2: Don't even bother, he's a Somizi.


This is a slang word for R1000, that is 1 thousand South African rands.
The literal meaning of Stina is brick (in Zulu)

I only need 2 stina then I’ll be fine.


South African slang term for “Please give/pass me”, pronounced as Sk-ey-f.

You don’t use an article (a, an or the) after the word. You just place the subject(what you want) directly after.

Please skyf pipe there. I wanna smoke quick.


Sheleni is a slang term for R0.10 (ten cents).

I'm so broke I don't even have isheleni under my name.


Slimes are die hard fans of A-Reece. He is known to have a cult-like following.

Slimes will bite your head off if you say something negative about A-Reece


A skopari is a slang term for a loan shark. It is mostly used in the Gqeberha region.

As soon as he gets paid, his money goes to iskopari.


This is a Kasi term for a very attractive lady.

Dai girl li shambula 🔥

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