Sibeko is a term that has been used to refer to a drunkard. This is due to a character from the famous South African sitcom, Emzini wezinsizwa, who was always drunk.
Now Sibeko is synonymous for drunkard.

Why did you give him money, don't you know he's a Sibeko?


A bird

Hona shiri
Meaning: Look at that bird


A soccer skill/move where a player puts the ball in between another player's legs.

Did you see that shibobo from Messi?


A Skelm is a South African term for a tsotsi, rascal, thief, crook, all the baf things.

Get out of here, you skelm.


Word meaning drink, any type of drink and mostly biased towards alcohol drinks.

uspinza ini? What are you drinking?


The word referring any form of educational institution, from pre-school all the way to University.

Did you go to Sgela? Did you go to School?


Isishumane or sishimane is a South African term used to refer to a single person who is not single by choice. It is mostly used in a mocking manner.

Aisuka, that one sisishumane esikhulu.


Isgantsontso is a buff person, more like a sgora.

Nonsense, utsho ngoba sisgantsontso

Street Champion

A street winner

Flex is The Street Champion

Stop Nonsense

Stop nonsense ekasi are those walls that are built around the house (fence) mostly for security reasons cause you know how it is with crime in Mzansi.

They climbed the stop nonsense and stole the dog

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