Isgaxa or isigaxa means Big news, like WOW, like Yhoo, like I don't believe it.

Everyday is a new sgaxa, I've run out of haibos.


Sisekakeni is a general Xhosa phrase that means we are in trouble. It directly translates to "we are in shit" or "we are in deep shit"

Friend: The petrol prices went up again.
Me: Sisekakeni

South Africa

South Africa is a country on the southernmost tip of the African continent.

I was born and bred in South Africa.


meaning shit that comes out of your anus (ndunu)

have uyishlama wena.(you are shit)
siyaphuma ishlama lapho.(is the shit coming out there)


Somagwaza, is a rather mysterious, if not mythical, forefather who invented circumcision as a means of passage into manhood for Xhosa people.

I'm sure you didn't know who Somagwaza was 😅


Illegal drinking place. In South Africa, it refers to unlicensed bars in Kasi and has become a mainstream word.

I last saw him drinking Zamalek at the shebeen yesterday.


A term used to describe extreme poverty

SAPA don hold my guy


A beautiful girl

A girl

Singo winya okuna ondjee


A Kasi term for a chubby or a fat person.

Eish that girl sisdudla and I love her.


Sjura is a derogatory Xhosa slang term for a whore or hoe.

Hayi Maan sisjura lewey

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