Used to define a beautiful girl with nyash,like your imaginary hun

That hun is a stocko


Ukusarha is a slang term that means you are always asking for things from people. For example, you are always asking for free alcohol, you never buy.

Yho I don't wanna chill with that guy again, uyasharha.


To ukusikiphiko is when you are in the front seat of a car and have your elbow outside of the window.

Did you see him in his friend's car, ebesikiphiko and pretending not to see us.

Sky Daddy

Sky Daddy is a term used to refer to God.

I had to speak to Sky Daddy yesterday when I wasn't feeling good.


1. Refers to a stupid/childish person.

"ejoh wena o slatsa!"
"bro you're stupid"


Sapa is the state of being broke or not having money or food at your disposal

So finally Sapa don catch this guy
Guy sapa hold me like this no be lie


A slang in Cameroon which mean ass or buttocks

Bakossi girls them over get big shithole


Isgaxa or isigaxa means Big news, like WOW, like Yhoo, like I don't believe it.

Everyday is a new sgaxa, I've run out of haibos.


Sisekakeni is a general Xhosa phrase that means we are in trouble. It directly translates to "we are in shit" or "we are in deep shit"

Friend: The petrol prices went up again.
Me: Sisekakeni

South Africa

South Africa is a country on the southernmost tip of the African continent.

I was born and bred in South Africa.

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