Soshanguve is a township situated about 30 km north of Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, just east of Mabopane. The name Soshanguve is an acronym for Sotho, Shangaan, Nguni and Venda, thus showing the multi-ethnic composition of the population.

If you can make it in Soshanguve, you can make it anywhere.


A situationship is a romantic or sexual relationship that is not considered to be formal or established.

I’m considering turning my situationship into a relationship.

Sneaky Link

Sneaky Link is a term used to describe a person that someone is secretly hooking up with.

I can’t wait to see my Sneaky Link this weekend.

Sizwe Dhlomo

Sizwe Dhlomo is a South African tweleb and part time radio show host. He is always giving “expert” opinion on every topic on X, formerly Twitter, which inspired the term Dhloogle.

“I know it’s correct cause Sizwe Dhlomo said it” - said no one ever.


Skoli is a term mostly use in Cape Town that means a thief.

You should be careful when walking here, there's a lot of skolis.

Show me your number

Show me your number is a popular soccer/football skill in South Africa, where the player pretends to shoot the ball and the defender ducks, hence showing his/her number to the attacker.

They hit him with a “show me your number” and the crowd went crazy.

Sol Phenduka

Sol Phenduka is a South African Podcaster, DJ and Radio personality who is the co-host of the popular podcast called Podcast and Chill, alongside MacG and Ghost Lady.

I always listen to the Podcast and Chill for Sol Phenduka's puns.


A loyal friend

Si smeme sam ke esi


A rather mysterious, if not mythical, forefather who invented circumcision as a means of passage into manhood for amaXhosa.

Sibulela uSomagwaza.

We thank Somagwaza.

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