Podcast and Chill

Podcast and Chill with MacG is a podcast owned and hosted by South African YouTuber MacG alongside Sol Phenduka and Ghost Lady. It is the biggest podcast in Africa in terms of numbers and popularity.
The podcast invites celebrities and public figures to take part in the Q&A sessions on the podcast.

I really enjoy watching the Podcast and Chill. You can call me a Chiller.



Sharon have a fat pumpum


South African
slang commonly used in a Hip-Hop context for Hookah Pipe or “Hubbly-Bubbly”

Hade Broer, can you skyf pipe there?


Iponi is a term they use in Gqeberha for a guy, a gent, a bro. Sort of Mjita.

Yho I haven’t seen la poni in a while.


Someone who is not good at something

Chomi ya ka ke patla ka bolo

Piss pipe

A term that means a penis or dick.

I'll be back, gotta go drain the piss pipe.


Pedi is a South African language spoken by a group of people known as the Marota/Bapedi.

I am a proud Pedi.


A slang used in describing vagina by Liberians.

I want beat pork


Ipipi is a term in South Africa that means a penis.

Unepipi enkulu.
He has a big penis.


plug is a word used by Xhosa people that means HIV & AIDS

yho njayam lawei ine plug

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