Ipipi is a term in South Africa that means a penis.

Unepipi enkulu.
He has a big penis.


plug is a word used by Xhosa people that means HIV & AIDS

yho njayam lawei ine plug


Another word for a vagina.

I need to get some punani


The word referring to a "Place", could be a Home, special venue or any place.

We will meet at my Pozi..We will meet at my house.


Pinkies is a Kasi term for R50 or ZAR50, that is 50 rands.

Now that the Cupcake has closed alcohol again, I heard that a ngud of Zamalek is pinkies from my Take it or leave it.


Papsak is the foil container that's put inside a box of wine (3L or 5L). The term can be used to refer to to cheap or low quality wine.

We used to moer papsak when we were learning to drink.


polyandry is a form of polygamy in which a woman takes two or more husbands at the same time.

South African women are excited about polyandry but they can't even keep one man.

Pulling a UNISA

When university students don't attend lectures and just submit their assignments, write tests and exams (Like UNISA students.

Yoh dawg, I don't remember the last time I attended a lecture. I've been pulling a UNISA this semester.

Phuza face

It's the face of a person who has been drinking for a long time / a drunkard. That face that looks like leather.

This person is old, can't you see that phuza face?

Park the bus

In soccer, to park the bus means to play very defensively, to get a lot of players behind the ball. Imagine a bus parked in front of the goal. It is almost impossible to score.

Park the bus, Man United. Playing football the Mourinho way

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