A man with a weak and feminine personality

hey wena stop acting like a kangethe


K1 is the slang term for the township Katlehong, Johannesburg in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

"I'm K1 'til they put my name on the tomb" - Kwesta on Mmino

Kido Lava

A dalarist.

In this economy you need someone that is Kido Lava, someone who has istapura, a dalarist.


K-leg is a Nigerian Pidgin term for when a situation or topic is either suspicious or untrue.

You sure of dis tin wey you dey talk so? Dis matter get k-leg.


Kaaps or Afrikaaps is an Afrikaans dialect that is mainly spoken in the Cape Flats in Cape Town.

I thought I knew Afrikaans until I went to the Cape Flats and heard what they call Kaaps/Afrikaaps.


Ikaka is a Xhosa term for shit or feces.

Uthetha Ikaka.
You are talking shit.


Kwaal is a slang term that means a problem or a conflict.

Why does he have kwaal with him?


When You blow your MT4/MT5 account, the only sound you get to hear is "kho"

Life ke "kho"
Meaning life can also be viewed as a huge loss when things aren't going well


Khemi is a general slang term for muthi or traditional medicine.

He gets his girls using his khemi.

Kreng Kreng

A new drug in Pitori that is 10 times stronger and addictive than nyaope.

Kreng kreng is finishing the youth of Pretoria

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