Kwaal is a slang term that means a problem or a conflict.

Why does he have kwaal with him?


When You blow your MT4/MT5 account, the only sound you get to hear is "kho"

Life ke "kho"
Meaning life can also be viewed as a huge loss when things aren't going well


Khemi is a general slang term for muthi or traditional medicine.

He gets his girls using his khemi.

Kreng Kreng

A new drug in Pitori that is 10 times stronger and addictive than nyaope.

Kreng kreng is finishing the youth of Pretoria

Kido Lava

A South African Musician That wants a family that looks like Beyoncé’s & to grow old with his partner.

Baby ndicela ichance ndiku bonise ngifuna umndeni wethu ufane noBeyonce. Start a generation sibe habo grams. Kido Lava On Yafinijwa


Ikaka is a term that means shit

Uthetha ikaka kwedini
You are talking shit young boy


Ikari is a kasi term for a car.

Uthenge ikari ne dlala.
He bought a car and a house.

Kemo Mahanetsa

A 3D figure with hella swag, doesn’t fuck with opps and love. Been thugging his whole life.

Kemo Mahanetsa doesn’t need love, he needs a Wraith

Ku Bird

Ku bird is a term that means "it's bad". Like when the situation gets really really bad. People use "bird" because it sounds the same as "bad".

I only have R3.50 in my bank account. Ku bird!

Kganthe why?

It's a combination of two words, Sepedi and English, by Mogau Samson Leagathoko Malepe asking someone to rephrase their statement, or tell, "I don't vibe with you" or "I don't follow".

"Bra, I've been looking for you all-over, where did you dissappear to?"
MSL Malepe: "Kganthe why?(with an annoyed lookalike face)"

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