Comot is a Nigerian pidgin term that means 'go', 'leave', or 'get out!'

Make we comot (Let us go out)
Comot from dia ( leave)
Comot! (Get out!)


Chanda is a South African slang term for vomiting.

I don’t host house parties anymore because okes chanda everywhere.


A chiller is the name given to a diehard fan of the popular South African podcast called Podcast and Chill with MacG.
Plural: Chillers

I never miss an episode of Podcast and Chill because I'm a true Chiller.


Chop is a Nigerian slang term for eating.

I dey chop jollof rice.

Cut Soap For Me

The term is believed to have originated from internet fraudsters, popularly known as Yahoo boys. In Nigerian pop culture, it has become an alternative way of asking someone to show you the way.

My sister, cut soap for me na this New year!


This is a sex position where the woman goes on top of the man.

How did you learn to do the cowgirl like that?

Cyril Ramaphosa

The most useless president South Africa has ever had.

Things are falling apart in Mzansi because of Cyril Ramaphosa.

clever black

A sarcastic phrase used to describe a black person who thinks he is smart but whose actions perpetuate the oppression black people. Sometimes black thieving leaders and their supporters use it to try to embarrass black opponents.

Example 1
Guy 1: What happened to that radical student leader, Tshepo?
Guy 2: He became a kleva black after getting a nice job in government.

Example 2
Thieving leader: We can't take this country forward because clever blacks are blocking our efforts.


To catch feelings for someone. Catchile

Ngizo catcha if this guy continues to be this good to me.


Give me or pass me. It is a substitute for the word skyf. Pronounced as “Chair”

Che me the phone Broer, I wanna call someone to bring us Pipe.

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