Stufuza is a term for a chubby person.

I like my man as a stufuza.


It's a boneless, spongy and soft structure at the back of a woman,consisting of eastern and western hemispheres that make men go crazy.

Siiet! That woman has some fine soft Nyash.

Tman or kingsley

A person that robs other people cash.

I will never make an equal share i will tman or kingsley anyone because i have a family to feed.


a person that wont let you rob or disrespect him.

You better treat me with respect others i will show you my Ricks side.

Kido Lava

A dalarist.

In this economy you need someone that is Kido Lava, someone who has istapura, a dalarist.


A person with a heart made out of ice, with rotten intentions.

Umfana doesn’t deserve anything in this world.

Gun Dubula

A Gun Dubula is a person in Kasi who carries a gun and shoots people (trigger happy).

Do you remember that Gun Dubula who jumped the school fence and shot a rival gang member who was writing exams?


Ntu means a human being and it emphasises that there is spirit of oneness and harmony among people and nature.

Funda ukuphilisana na-ba-ntu


Istabane or isitabane is a derogatory term for a gay person.

Dai man ke stabane.
That man is gay.


A derogatory Afrikaans slang term for a gay person. Similar to the word faggot in English.

You don’t watch football? ⚽️ you might be a moffie

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