Jollofina is a name given to South African women who are dating Nigerian men.

She has all this money because she's dating Jollof boys. She's a Jollofina.


Yihlo is a Xhosa term for father or dad. It can also used informally to refer to a male friend or male family member.

Hlonipha uyihlo no nyoko.
Respect your dad and mom.


Bobby is a slang term for “big breast”or “big boobs”

as a woman if you don’t have bobby you supposed be a slave.


The name South Africans gave Queen Elizabeth when she died 😅

Hitler is reportedly having a nice time with Lizbet in hell.


The ability to not stop yourself from indulging in minge (nyash).

Mono is affected by Nyashilitis


Ajebutter is a term that refers to someone born with a silver spoon or born rich.

That guy is an ajebutter.


A translender is a person who is fat on the outside but slender on the inside. Basically a slender person stuck in a fat person's body.

Don't be fooled by this mkhaba, I'm s translender.


Maleven was a South African criminal who used to hijack cars and do house breakings around Benoni. He rose into fame after his interview with BBC. He is rumoured to have passed away.

Maleven: I will show you with your last born if you don't want to give me money.

Teko Modise

The best soccer player South Africa has ever produced.

Teko Modise played for Orlando Pirates.


Ndambo (Noun): is dollars ($) inflow, giving massively and changing narratives.

Ndambolist (Noun): is a person who turns others into millionaires and changer of narratives.

Ndambolisation (Verb): the process of turning others into instant millionaires and giving massively.

Ndambology (Noun): the scientific study of Ndambo.

Ndambolize (Verb): the joy of being turned into an instant millionaire.

Ollus ndambolized his mother before marrying the woman of dreams

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