Sibeko is a term that has been used to refer to a drunkard. This is due to a character from the famous South African sitcom, Emzini wezinsizwa, who was always drunk.
Now Sibeko is synonymous for drunkard.

Why did you give him money, don't you know he's a Sibeko?


Izinyanya is a Xhosa term for ancestors.

Ndiyabulela kuni zinyanya.


Being selfish or being flashy

We cant go out with him because ano dada


Rutendo a female given name in Zimbabwe.
It translate to giving praise

We give God Rutendo


A person

Ndiye munhu wacho
Meaning: This is the person



Anondipa Rudo(She/He gives me love )

Nelly M

Nelly M is the name that the recent generation / Social Media has given to former South Africsn president, Nelson Mandela.

I miss Nelly M, things would be better if he was still alive.

Bone Thug

A Skrr Skrr way of referring to a Sangoma.

No one:

Skrr Skrr kid: I went to see a Bone Thug today cause y'all be trippin.


Iqaba is a Nguni term for a barbarian or a person believed to be uncivilised or uncultured.
Plural Amaqaba

They used to call me iqaba because I come from the villages.


Plural: Amabhinca
Ibhinca is a Zulu person who practices their traditional Zulu culture, including wearing the traditional attire and listening to Maskandi

I had to act like I love Maskandi cause I was drinking with ibhinca.

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