Ronni (Sasa)

The type of people that wet their bed steal from their selves and are very lazy. You can also call them stupid whenever you want.

Shut up Ronni (Sasa).

Arthur Zwane

A plumber who is the current coach of Kaizer Chiefs.

Don’t worry, Arthur Zwane is rebuilding.


(especially of a woman) the state of having a very small or no nyash, in a way that makes one ugly or unattractive.

Most Ugandan girls are facing rejection due to their nyashlessness. bumlessness


Despite the recent false trends to redefine this prestigious Surname. The Mabena name comes from a long history, stemming from the early Zulu tribe. The people are know as gentle, smart and hardworking. Which comes from their long history where they fought hard to gain independence in a war torn era. They are generally based in the Southern part of Africa. However a significant portion can be found in Europe and North America. To try and define the name Mabena is false as it refers to a group of people as many surnames do. Instead a recognition of the prestige and long history of the name is what matters most. After all, the Mabena name is a noun and can or should not be used as an adjective or verb.

The leader of the community was John Mabena.


A man with a weak and feminine personality

hey wena stop acting like a kangethe


A person who is not scared of anything. Willing to risk it all, including career and own life for a man.

I got myself igudumana, I’m sorted for life.


A revered gay celebrity (Somizi Mhlongo) in South Africa. The name has come to identify a gay person.

Girl 1: Check out that fine guy in a blue shirt.
Girl 2: Don't even bother, he's a Somizi.


My brother/my sister/my best friend/

Kunjani mntase nakugcina kudala

Al Ahly

A team that got beaten 5 - 2 by Sundowns (the best football team in Africa)

Don’t worry about that team. It’s an Al Ahly.


Iponi is a term they use in Gqeberha for a guy, a gent, a bro. Sort of Mjita.

Yho I haven’t seen la poni in a while.

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