This is a Kasi term for a very attractive lady.

Dai girl li shambula 🔥

Titty Tuesday

Titty Tuesday is celebrated every Tuesday. This is the day of the week where girls send titty (boobs) pictures to guys they like.

Happy Titty Tuesday to all the girls out there.


A person with a heart made out of ice, with rotten intentions.

Umfana doesn’t deserve anything in this world.

Majita Monday

Majita Monday is a movement striving to create a safe space for men to talk about their emotional intelligence and mental wellness. It is celebrated every Monday with the hashtag #MajitaMonday.

Happy Majita Monday to you all, gents ❤

2 minute noodles

An offensive term used to refer to men who suffer from premature ejaculation (men who cum early).

She says she won't sleep with him again cause he is a 2 minute noodle.

Zama Zamas

Zama Zamas is a name given to illegal miners in South Africa. They find abandoned mines and start mining.

Zama Zamas will stop at nothing to mine what they want.


Hostile or prejudiced against Jewish people.

Kanye West is being canceled after he made some anti-semitic remarks.

After 9

After 9 is a term used to refer to men who act straight but are secretly gay or homosexual at night (After 9pm).

Ma after 9 are always after my friend at groove.

During the people

Is a general term used to refer to "around people" or ween there are people present.

Imagine, they were busy kissing during the people.


A tswape is a South African term for a massive wedgy (when your underwear is stuck between your butt cheeks).

I had a tswepe during the people and I was so embarrassed to remove it.

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