Amapanyaza is the name given to the Gauteng Crime Prevention Wardens who were deployed by the Premier, Panyaza Lesufi.

Amapanyaza are doing a great job in fighting crime in Gauteng.


The money given to a woman after spending the night with her.

She left with a random guy yesterday guy and got mavuso in the morning.


A term used to refer to "something" or a thing.

Have you seen that shandis?

Brother Bernard

The situation of slipping, tripping or falling down due to external pressures. These might include tertiary academics, relationships, and being broke.

Brother Bernard, this will kill me a real death.


It is the Nigerian pidgin word for Penis

Davido's gbola is too big.

clever black

A sarcastic phrase used to describe a black person who thinks he is smart but whose actions perpetuate the oppression black people. Sometimes black thieving leaders and their supporters use it to try to embarrass black opponents.

Example 1
Guy 1: What happened to that radical student leader, Tshepo?
Guy 2: He became a kleva black after getting a nice job in government.

Example 2
Thieving leader: We can't take this country forward because clever blacks are blocking our efforts.



You never know wetin god has for you


To catch feelings for someone. Catchile

Ngizo catcha if this guy continues to be this good to me.


This is a slang word for R1000, that is 1 thousand South African rands.
The literal meaning of Stina is brick (in Zulu)

I only need 2 stina then I’ll be fine.


Used in saying someone or something done is cool. It also depends on how you say what you are trying to say.

O dese!- Your cool/ You are cool!
E dese!- Its cool!

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