People who are extremely ignorant, yet simultaneously extremely arrogant.

He thinks he knows more than scientists, he is very agnorant.


Umahlalela is a Xhosa term for an unemployed person.

uRamaphosa uyamthanda umahlalela, uvele amnike iR350.
Ramaphosa loves the unemployed, he just gives them R350.


Impama is a Nguni term for slap.

Ndizakufaka impama
I will slap you


Feranja is an insult used towards girls to say they are ratchet or hoes .

Uyi feranja uZenkosi


Ukuxhoma is a general Kasi term that means flexing or showing off.

Ever since he got his RAF money, uyaxhoma now.

Nkao Tempela

In SePitori, Nkao Tempela means I can flex on you.
See: Tempela

I’m beyond insane, nna Nkao Tempela (Yeah).


To flex or to show off

Nna nkao tempela, net akerato bolela thata, ke dealer ka action.


To claim you can do something, or you can do it better.

Wena awitsi selo wa're tempela fela.


Qhoqhoqho is a Xhosa term for the trachea (windpipe/throat).

Ndizakuqhawula uqhoqhoqho.
I will slit your throat.


Cav is a South African slang expression used to say "check it out" or "take a look" or even "understand".

Did you cav that car?
Cav this girl.
Do you cav what I mean?

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