Mpesu is a substance made from the bark of the Securidaca longipedunculata tree, which aids men in terms of obtaining an erection and other sexual problems such as weak eraction, early ejaculation, low sex drive. Mpesa can be Mpesu

My friend uses mpesu


Ukutula-tula is isiBhaca word meaning to wander around.

Ebetula-tula yonke indzawo.
He was wandering all over the place


Gurans is a slang term used by Cape Town Xhosa speaking community that means war between rival gangs or individuals.

Ingathi ikhona igurans between lamajita.
It looks like there is some war/conflict between those guys.

Hlamba iphepha

A tradition in South Africa that celebrates the end of exam season. It loosely translates to "washing the paper".
High school kids typically go on a drinking spree (underage drinking).

I can't wait for the exams to finish so that sizokuhlamba iphepha.


ASAP is an acronym for As Soon As Possible.

I need to see you ASAP.


Isgaxa or isigaxa means Big news, like WOW, like Yhoo, like I don't believe it.

Everyday is a new sgaxa, I've run out of haibos.


It is a Venda name which means protection.

People use condoms as a way of protection.

Luphi ugqoko

Luphi ugqoko is a chant or a phrase introduced by Bhinca Nation especially Blue Reigning Nation meaning "Where is the wooden tray/wooden board". It is directed to Khangelani DSD "Isilo" "Ugqoko lukazwelonke" Mhlongo, who has contributed a lot in South African traditional Music, Maskandi.

Luphi ugqoko lukazwelonke? Luuuuphi?


Word used to express disbelief, surprise, dissatisfaction

Bathong...he really ate all those chilli's


Sisekakeni is a general Xhosa phrase that means we are in trouble. It directly translates to "we are in shit" or "we are in deep shit"

Friend: The petrol prices went up again.
Me: Sisekakeni

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