Gutamo means to help someone with something or help someone with something he/she needs.

Vane nkutemo se??


This is West African word to mean a sexy, well-shaped big and flawless ass or backside of a woman which is mostly considered attractive and lovely when choosing a desired woman.

Bring that nyash close, I want to feel it if it's real or not


It is a hybrid-English word that means to provide your full strength to accompilsh something important to you. It is used in many contexts depending on the message you want to convey.

As soon as he met her, belongings were given.
Wait for Thursday, we'll give your belongings.


Having no hemispheres Nyash at the back side of the girls back but only bones. Being wakanda

Nyashlessness is for wakanda

Groove Shaming

The act of making people who go to groove feel bad about it and make it look like it’s wrong.

I won’t stop going out, you can continue with your groove shaming.


A trash can, dustbin

Ndizalahla apa le ekumgqomo


It refers to the money that is given to a woman after spending a time with her. The money is some sort of thanks giving for pleasure

The Pinkie spend a night with Penny last night. In the morning Pinkie asked mavuso from Penny.


Ingxaza is a Xhosa slang term for pants.

“Chapha chapha chapha, amanzi ingxaza yam”

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday is a day that everyone is allowed to be as freaky as they want, from being a slut to being as creepy. it is celebrated every Friday with the hastag #FreakyFriday

free pass to being Freaky

Women Crush Wednesday

women crush Wednesday is a day dedicated to all the important women in our lives. it's is celebrated every Wednesday with the hastag #WomenCrushWednessday

happy women crush Wednesday to all the women❤️

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