Normally used when asking what is wrong or what is going on.

Huzet ngawe?(What is wrong with you), huzet?( What happened)


To work; To get up against all odds and stand on business

U Cisha no Gawst basathesha e studio;
Besithesha murtu e spani vandaag

Ndza ku rhandza

Tsonga romantic language words used to refers to "I LOVE YOU💚".

Ndza ku rhandza my wife/husband/ and so on.....

NB: It is used at any person whom you want her/(...) to express your love.


Pardon me. Particularly in an official and formal setting e.g. in a meeting or when asking for forgiveness from the elderly.

"Ngxe, bantakwethu." - Pardon me, my kin.


In Urhobo kingdom ovwata meaning: Righteousness

This man is an upright man (ovwata ) righteousness

Ubi asha

Meaning white hair ( Gray hair )

Ubi asha in Urhobo language means white hair (Gray hair)


What's going on, what's up

Hey, dintshang?


Ogidi means War, or disagreement

Ogigi: There is a Fight


It is a language

I speak Tsonga


One thing that makes men go crazy

Ndizthandela nje impundu
iDyan ayinophila uba ayityi mpundu

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