Afrikaaps is a slang version of Afrikaans, spoken in Cape Town.

I proudly speak Afrikaaps.


Kaaps or Afrikaaps is an Afrikaans dialect that is mainly spoken in the Cape Flats in Cape Town.

I thought I knew Afrikaans until I went to the Cape Flats and heard what they call Kaaps/Afrikaaps.


A figurative term used by South African students when they plan to create a WhatsApp group and share test questions.

Ukhona umjondolo osuvuliwe bahlali? Phela ziyakhala k'sasa


Pedi is a South African language spoken by a group of people known as the Marota/Bapedi.

I am a proud Pedi.


IsiXhosa is a Nguni language that is spoken in South Africa and some parts of Zimbabwe. It is the language with the clicks.

Ndithetha isiXhosa ekhaya.
I speak Xhosa at home.


1. Refers to a stupid/childish person.

"ejoh wena o slatsa!"
"bro you're stupid"


Ozighi means problem

Everything have turn out to be ozighi


Capping means
Talking or explaining,

why u dey capp naw or why you are you capping nonsense


onyanya is someone who is stingy with anything

Peter okuna o onyanya


Okakumbu is a Bitch in oshiwambo

kelly okakumbu (kelly is a bitch)

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