In Urhobo kingdom ovwata meaning: Righteousness

This man is an upright man (ovwata ) righteousness

Ubi asha

Meaning white hair ( Gray hair )

Ubi asha in Urhobo language means white hair (Gray hair)


What's going on, what's up

Hey, dintshang?


Ogidi means War, or disagreement

Ogigi: There is a Fight


It is a language

I speak Tsonga


One thing that makes men go crazy

Ndizthandela nje impundu
iDyan ayinophila uba ayityi mpundu


Fede may be used to say "alright" or "okay" and it is mainly used that way in the southern townships of Johannesburg and many parts of Gauteng.

Fede, I'll sort it out.


East Africa A vagina

Man, I haven't eaten a mbususu for a while


South African slang-term used as a direct substitute for the words “I’m sorry”. Pronounced as Hah-deh.

Big Bro: Who ate the mnyanelis I left in fridge?!
You: It was me big bro, hade.


A endearing term for the The best football club in Africa Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club.

Yoh MaSandawana game gang. They smoked Al Ahly 5-2 last week ko Atteridgeville!

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