A kasi term for a club or a party or a place where a party takes place

Asambe siye enkwarini


This word comes from the Xhosa language, and is mostly used by the Xhosa speaking people."Ncmsl" Is a short word for "Ncamisile".It is means unbelievable.

"Chomi uLisa undifuna back"

Hhayi bo (haibo)

It is not Xhosa but Zulu phrase meaning to disapprove an act. It goes together with phrases like, kahle no, musa bo, woza bo, mana no, etc

Hhayi bo wnzani?


Used to describe someone whose talking shit.

Uyanya iselwe nguwe la drink


1. A Ndebele surname
2. The Nokia 3310

1. UMahlangu wami ulahlekile


An expression of extreme surprise. Used with a question mark.
Equivalent to "what the fuck?"
Derived from the praise "and then..."

Ah, enden? What happened here?



Ngifuna imali


A word in any of the Nguni languages, a prefix for "I have"

Ngine- (I have)
imali (money)
Ngine+imali = Nginemali (I have money)

Kganthe why?

It's a combination of two words, Sepedi and English, by Mogau Samson Leagathoko Malepe asking someone to rephrase their statement, or tell, "I don't vibe with you" or "I don't follow".

"Bra, I've been looking for you all-over, where did you dissappear to?"
MSL Malepe: "Kganthe why?(with an annoyed lookalike face)"


(XiTsonga) A sexy language that is mostly spoken in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Mozambique.
The people are Tsonga people.

My best friend is Tsonga but she can't speak XiTsonga properly.

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