Is a language created by dutch people, although in dutch translates to african it is not of that origin.

I just learned to speak afrikaans.


When a group of Maskandi Artists chants to see their King of Kings (Isilo) in the Maskandi genre. The current King of Kings is Dr Khangelani "DSD" “uGqoko” Mhlongo.

Ziyahlaba izinsizwa “LUPHI UGQOKO” lwethu


Tsotsi language. Generally means a mistake or nonsense. Can be pronounced as "flop" or "flopo"

Eish ke editse flopo

I made a mistake


The feeling of wanting to explain something and not finding the right term to do that,

Eish "Alostro" mfowethu (unexplainable)


When You blow your MT4/MT5 account, the only sound you get to hear is "kho"

Life ke "kho"
Meaning life can also be viewed as a huge loss when things aren't going well


meaning shit that comes out of your anus (ndunu)

have uyishlama wena.(you are shit)
siyaphuma ishlama lapho.(is the shit coming out there)


Is to buy WEED, this term started in Mamelodi now is a common word around Pitori.

Bro, Vraiza ujike ko Jeff uTokantse baart

U gerrit

Do you understand

Do u gerrit


A beautiful person

Bona lezothi


I don’t know

Yhoo andiyazi chom

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