It is a word mostly used by bemba people living in Zambia Copperbelt which means coward

You're a kembo


The only female Webster Spida loves

Mary is so esculent


This means a girl or a pretty chick popularly used in zambia

look at that guza walking there


Another word for bro popularly used in zambia

Exeh you good


Ndambo (Noun): is dollars ($) inflow, giving massively and changing narratives.

Ndambolist (Noun): is a person who turns others into millionaires and changer of narratives.

Ndambolisation (Verb): the process of turning others into instant millionaires and giving massively.

Ndambology (Noun): the scientific study of Ndambo.

Ndambolize (Verb): the joy of being turned into an instant millionaire.

Ollus ndambolized his mother before marrying the woman of dreams


Noun 1: A christian thief who steals under the guise of humility.

Noun 2: A falsely humble person who wins public support by frequenting worshipping places.

The lungu of African politicians is the major contributing factor to abject poverty.

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