Wendy Williams Day

An imaginary day in Wendy Williams' mind

Who lied to Wendy Williams about Wendy Williams Day?

Woman on top

Is the sexual position where the woman goes on top of a man (AKA cowgirl).

A lot of women struggle with woman on top.

WhatsApp Influencer

This is apparently a thing these days. Are these ama2000 who are always posting their numbers on social media asking for "status viewers". Yeah, these kids are very weird.

She has so many contacts because she is a WhatsApp influencer.


It's those mxit abbreviations from back in the day that means "What are you doing"

Guy: Hi
Girl: Hi
Guy: Hud
Girl: Gud u
Guy: Gud, wud?


University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Students who go here think they breathe flavoured air and will make sure you know it.

No one:
Wits student: Wits is better than UCT but this is a conversation y'all are not ready for.

Wendy Williams Day

Wendy Williams day is a holiday that is celebrated in South Africa every year on April 10th... This is of course according to Wendy Williams and whoever lied to her because there's no such.

We are having a huge braai for Wendy Williams Day.

We should hang out

It can mean anytime between now and the next 5 years.

We should hang out soon, my friend.


Also known as Woolies. This is a retail store that went to a private school. You go in there with your deep Zulu accent, but come out with that private school accent.

1. I speak like this because I drink Woolworths water every morning.

2. Tanqueray is the Woolworths of Gins.


This is the best herb to get you relaxed. It was once illegal to grow this shit in South Africa, but now motherfuckers are growing it all over.

Dude, where did you get the weed we had last night? It was the bomb.

With immediate effect

If you say that something will happen with immediate effect or with effect from a particular time, you mean that it will begin to apply or be valid immediately or from the stated time.

No one:

Cyril Ramaphosa: The sale of alcohol is suspended with immediate effect!

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