Nyash can be defined as something in a woman backside that make every man go crazy.

Like when a lady shake the Nyash, Men can never be themselves


Nyash is a soft and succulent part of a woman's back side, and without nyash a lady has high risk of getting her desired man.

A nyashless woman must be plankish in structure


It's a boneless, spongy and soft structure at the back of a woman,consisting of eastern and western hemispheres that make men go crazy.

Siiet! That woman has some fine soft Nyash.


Nyash is a big,soft and round object behind a womans back like two planets

I doggy style your nyash


Nyash is a slang term for big booty or big ass.

"If you don't have nyash as a woman, you are just wasting your time"


Nyash, also known as ass is used to describe different categories of ladies depending on their origin. Ladies from Banda, Gulu, and Karamoja have no nyash. They are time wasters. Martin

The word nyash is used to describe big ass, or booty.


The ability to not stop yourself from indulging in minge (nyash).

Mono is affected by Nyashilitis


(especially of a woman) the state of having a very small or no nyash, in a way that makes one ugly or unattractive.

Most Ugandan girls are facing rejection due to their nyashlessness. bumlessness

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