Gutamo means to help someone with something or help someone with something he/she needs.

Vane nkutemo se??



Sharon have a fat pumpum


I don't know

When you want to shorten the word I don't know you say it as idk


Nyash, also known as ass is used to describe different categories of ladies depending on their origin. Ladies from Banda, Gulu, and Karamoja have no nyash. They are time wasters. Martin

The word nyash is used to describe big ass, or booty.


an affirmation, dismissal, exasperation or exclamation in different contexts

1) What are you doing lah?
2) No lah!

The Vid

Slang for the Covid-19 virus. Derived from the word "Covid"

I had the 'Vid last month. Had to go to a quarantine site for 14 days.


First Lady Of The United States

Did you hear that the FLOTUS plagiarized her speech?


President Of The United States

The new POTUS is Joe Biden.

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