Danko is the same as Afrikaans word dankie which symbolises acceptance and appreciation, it basically means thank you.

The South African government said Danko to everyone who got vaccinated.


an affirmation, dismissal, exasperation or exclamation in different contexts

1) What are you doing lah?
2) No lah!


An aura having a frame of mind that will last a lifetime, has epiphany

Tell Dyco to come and do the greats he always does

Street Champion

A street winner

Flex is The Street Champion

Tse nzima

Tse nzima is a word used to describe people who are good at something. It is normally used as a compliment.

If you get the girl your friends can say to you
Tse Nziiiiiiiima.

Batlao hurda

They will hurt you.

Tlohela banyana batlao hurda!


A Zulu name for a girl that means loved one or loved.
Means loved.

Ungothandiwe kakhulu .


A phrase used by someone who isn't in the mood for anything

Akere you can see that I'm not in the mood? Nzame fela ke tlo bontsha Mmao


Cape Peninsula University of Technology also known as "Ingenile" it is high school that is based i Cape Town that accommodates amanxila, people who like alcohol and drunkards.

CPUT learners 🗣: Ingenile "R1500"
After 3 days: Bank balance 0.00

Batla u hurda

It is a basic Sotho term that means they will hurt you. It is also a warning to the guys that girls are animals it's better to be single and drink alcohol

When you friends see that Amanda is going to play with your fellings, they simply use the term like
"🗣: Batla u hurda boy tlohella ngwanana enwa"

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