1. A Ndebele surname
2. The Nokia 3310

1. UMahlangu wami ulahlekile


An expression of extreme surprise. Used with a question mark.
Equivalent to "what the fuck?"
Derived from the praise "and then..."

Ah, enden? What happened here?

Wendy Williams Day

An imaginary day in Wendy Williams' mind

Who lied to Wendy Williams about Wendy Williams Day?

The Vid

Slang for the Covid-19 virus. Derived from the word "Covid"

I had the 'Vid last month. Had to go to a quarantine site for 14 days.



Ngifuna imali


A word in any of the Nguni languages, a prefix for "I have"

Ngine- (I have)
imali (money)
Ngine+imali = Nginemali (I have money)


1. Chalk.
2. South African slang for 20 Rands

1. UMa'am ufuna ichogo.
2. How much do you want? Nginechogo


A filler word usually meaning "but"
It can be added in the beginning, middle, or the end of a sentence.

Mara why it is so expensive?
He's good looking mara he's not a good person.
Why do we have to be so broke, mara?

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