To flex or to show off

Nna nkao tempela, net akerato bolela thata, ke dealer ka action.


To claim you can do something, or you can do it better.

Wena awitsi selo wa're tempela fela.


Iqaba is a Nguni term for a barbarian or a person believed to be uncivilised or uncultured.
Plural Amaqaba

They used to call me iqaba because I come from the villages.


Plural: Amabhinca
Ibhinca is a Zulu person who practices their traditional Zulu culture, including wearing the traditional attire and listening to Maskandi

I had to act like I love Maskandi cause I was drinking with ibhinca.


Is the slanh term for Ga-Rankuwa, a township in Tshwane/Pitori.

I'm coming from Rankuwa.


Tao is a slang term for a 'thousand' (money).

My life would be better if I could get 5 tao right now.


It is really good; it is intense.
Used to signify fun or excitement.

Yebo, ziyaporoma
Tshela u-barman nomayini

Take it or leave it

These are the guys who sell alcohol during the hard lockdown, when there is an alcohol ban. They inflate their prices like crazy. You can even get an 1818 bottle for R850.
They got the name because they don't care, it's either you buy at their 500% price or you leave it.

I got this gin from my Take it or leave it guy.


Pinkies is a Kasi term for R50 or ZAR50, that is 50 rands.

Now that the Cupcake has closed alcohol again, I heard that a ngud of Zamalek is pinkies from my Take it or leave it.


Asbonge is a Zulu term for "Let's give thanks" or "Let's be thankful"

Beke le beke asbonge bafethu.

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