A kasi term used to refer to food.

I am starving, ke batla zozo.
I am starving, I want food.

Zama Zamas

Zama Zamas is a name given to illegal miners in South Africa. They find abandoned mines and start mining.

Zama Zamas will stop at nothing to mine what they want.


It's a Zulu word that describes your are going through a lot or bad things are about to happen to you

Ziyakhala ke manje


Mentally challenged,crazy

Ngwanola o zodwa


It is really good; it is intense.
Used to signify fun or excitement.

Yebo, ziyaporoma
Tshela u-barman nomayini


A term we used to use back in the day to refer to the 50c coin. Ama2000 would not know it.

No one:

5 year old me: Ndicela noba yi zuka to buy sweets.


Something very dull, dumb and dangerous

He is a ZANU PF


Zkhiphani or zikhiphani is a Mzansi slang term for "What's up", "what it do", "what's happening", and so on... You get the picture.

Ola mjita, zkhiphani lapho.


The South African currency, also known as Rand or just an "R".

I need ZAR 50 million right now.


Is a hit song that makes everyone go crazy.

zekethe... zekethe... zekethe

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