A soccer skill/move where a player puts the ball in between another player's legs.

Did you see that shibobo from Messi?


Msotra is the slang term for Soweto township.

Ngise Msotra and I'm chillin' with the thugs


Another word for a vagina.

I need to get some punani


Mjondolo is another term for informal settlements (mkhukhu).

There is an movement called Abahlali basemjondolo

Al Ahly

The best soccer team in Africa.

Al Ahly beat Kaizer Chiefs 3-0 to claim the CAF Champions league.


Vaslap or vaaslap is a term used to refer to bathing cloth. You know that cloth you use when you are bathing.

I need to get myself a new vaslap, this one is too old.


Gintsa or ginsa is a South African term for a thug, mostly those who hijack cars.

She is dating a gintsa hence she has so much money now.


A Zulu pronunciation of "manager".
It can also mean you are standing with a dog.

No one:
Zulu guy: My friend is now a menenja at Transnet.


Amabutho are Zulu regiments (military units / warriors). During wars, amabutho used to be the first line of defence to protect the land, women and children from invaders.
Singular: Ibutho

The Zulu King was protected by Amabutho.


Is a very strong person, a bosso in other words.

That man is a gabhadiya.

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