Nkandla is a town in the uThungulu district of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is the district where former President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma is from.

I want to visit Nkandla this December.

Glamour Boys

Glamour Boys is another nickname for the South African soccer team Kaizer Chiefs.

The Glamour Boys will beat Masandawana.

Sky Daddy

Sky Daddy is a term used to refer to God.

I had to speak to Sky Daddy yesterday when I wasn't feeling good.


A kasi term used to refer to food.

I am starving, ke batla zozo.
I am starving, I want food.

Jollof boys

Jollof boys is a name given to Nigerian men in South Africa.

Who drives that Range Rover.
It's owned by this other Jollof boy who works in Hillbrow.


Jollofina is a name given to South African women who are dating Nigerian men.

She has all this money because she's dating Jollof boys. She's a Jollofina.


The name South Africans gave Queen Elizabeth when she died 😅

Hitler is reportedly having a nice time with Lizbet in hell.

Teko Modise

The best soccer player South Africa has ever produced.

Teko Modise played for Orlando Pirates.


A fictitious story or a tale. Like those tales you'd hear about from parents/teachers/friends or read when you were younger.

"A man and his daughter were walking in the forest..."
Welele... inganekwane!


Igoni is a kasi slang term for a knife.

The guys who robbed me was carrying igoni

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