Yihlo is a Xhosa term for father or dad. It can also used informally to refer to a male friend or male family member.

Hlonipha uyihlo no nyoko.
Respect your dad and mom.

Yahoo boy

A guy who carries out 419 fraud on the internet (Those Nigerian prince scams).

I got scammed all my money by a Yahoo boy from Abuja.

Yt pipo

Yt pipo is a popular term on social media that refers to "White People"

I'm not surprised, akere it's Yt pipo.

Yah neh

Its a word that is mostly used out of disappointment or maybe when seeking attention from someone who's ignoring you

Outta disappointment : "yah neh,that boy really turned out to be a skrr skrr"

When seeking attention :
you : yah nehπŸ˜’
Her : what
You : so you just gonna ignore me like that

Yena aya kwini

A Tsonga term that means "Where was he going", mostly used on social media when someone maybe gets hurt when doing something they were not supposed to do in the first place.

Girl 1: She broke up with that Xhosa guy, apparently he was trash.
Girl 2: I told her to stay away from Xhosa people. Yena aya kwini?

Yellow Bone

A term that is used to refer to light skinned people (mostly girls).
If you are a guy and someone calls you a yellow bone, then something is wrong my guy πŸ˜‚

We were just chilling and this yellow bone came in and everyone was looking at her. It was like a dream 😍


It means "yes", but it is used as an extremely expressive form of the affirmative. It's often used as a double positive, saying "Yebo yes!".

Man 1: Are you gonna watch the game tomorrow?
Man 2: Yebo yes!


To show anger or disbelief.

Yeses maan, I am angry. How can this boy do this to me mara.

Yizo Yizo

Yizo Yizo was a popular South African TV show in the early 2000s which showed the violence, drugs abuse and hooliganism in schools. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to watch it

Did you see what Hazel did on Yizo Yizo last night?

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