A slang term for bums or ass.

She got a big booty so I call her Big Booty!


It is a word mostly used by Afrikaans speaking people that means friend or brother, depending on the context.

Listen here, boet. I will moer you.


A backroom is a room in a yard that's usually at the back of the main house. It is mostly used for rental purposes.

I'm renting a backroom in Tembisa.


This is the Orlando Pirates football club from Soweto, South Africa]. A person who is a fan of Pirates can also be referred to as Bhakaniya.

Bhakaniya has not won the league in a while now.


A muscular, loving, over-protective man whom you never want to lose in your life whether as a friend or a partner... (smile keeper)

I have encounter a man like braaipack

Bone Thug

A Skrr Skrr way of referring to a Sangoma.

No one:

Skrr Skrr kid: I went to see a Bone Thug today cause y'all be trippin.


ibhantinti is another term for a prisoner.

He got arrested last year, libhantinti ngoku.

Black Magic

Black Magic, also known as witchcraft is usage of supernatural power for evil and selfish purposes and to perform malicious practice to destroy someone physically or mentally or financially.

They use black magic a lot in Limpopo


Ballie is a Term in Mzansi that refers to an old man or a father.

I met this other ballie yesterday and he gave me some good dating advice.

Ben 10

In South Africa, Ben 10 has nothing to do with cartoons. It rather refers to a young male who is dating an older female.

I was once a Ben 10 and she used to give me money for alcohol every weekend.

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