Bobby is a slang term for “big breast”or “big boobs”

as a woman if you don’t have bobby you supposed be a slave.

Boda Boda

Boda bodas are bikes used as public transport in East Africa.

I got a boda boda to Ntinda


A tin can.

Pass us the blikkie, bru.


Word used to express disbelief, surprise, dissatisfaction

Bathong...he really ate all those chilli's


A slang term for bums or ass.

She got a big booty so I call her Big Booty!


It is a word mostly used by Afrikaans speaking people that means friend or brother, depending on the context.

Listen here, boet. I will moer you.


A backroom is a room in a yard that's usually at the back of the main house. It is mostly used for rental purposes.

I'm renting a backroom in Tembisa.


This is the Orlando Pirates football club from Soweto, South Africa]. A person who is a fan of Pirates can also be referred to as Bhakaniya.

Bhakaniya has not won the league in a while now.


A muscular, loving, over-protective man whom you never want to lose in your life whether as a friend or a partner... (smile keeper)

I have encounter a man like braaipack

Bone Thug

A Skrr Skrr way of referring to a Sangoma.

No one:

Skrr Skrr kid: I went to see a Bone Thug today cause y'all be trippin.

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