Bhisho is an unknown ghost town that happens to be the Capital of the Eastern Cape province for some reason.

You would have to pay me to stay in Bhisho.


Boksburg is a city on the East Rand of Gauteng province of South Africa. Gold was discovered in Boksburg in 1887. Boksburg was named after the State Secretary of the South African Republic, W. Eduard Bok.

I can't wait to visit my brother in Boksburg.


Bedfordview is an affluent suburb in western Ekurhuleni, sharing an administrative boundary with the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng, South Africa. Bedfordview has been part of the City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality since 2000.

We are going to Eastgate mall in Bedfordview.


Brakpan is a mining town on the East Rand of Gauteng, South Africa. It is known as the Alabama of South Africa, or the armpit of South Africa.

If you divorce your wife in Brakpan, she remains your sister.


A Mzansi slang for guy or friend or boy.

What’s up boyzin.


Baps is a South African slang term for sex.

Okes will baps your hun without even thinking twice.


Borga is a Ghanaian slang used to describe a man who just returned from overseas. Usually such a man dresses flamboyantly with chains and rings.

“My brother has just returned from overseas.”

“Oh nice. The borga has landed!”


Bhebha is a Zulu slang term that means to have sex.

I know that guy, yho uyabhebha.


It is a hybrid-English word that means to provide your full strength to accompilsh something important to you. It is used in many contexts depending on the message you want to convey.

As soon as he met her, belongings were given.
Wait for Thursday, we'll give your belongings.


Bari is a name given to God in Ogoni land

Barikui which means God is big

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