Is an Oshiwambo word that simply means love

Ohole so nice


Ow is a term Xhosa girls use to refer to a boyfriend.

Ngeyam i-Ow, ndingalwa ndibebomvu.


Look up skrr skrr

These days they like dating oTrap.


Oledi is a slang term for mother.
It is basically another spelling for "old lady"

I would kill a nigga for oledi.


What bitter people say after they've lost an argument but still do not want to admit that they were wrong.

It does not matter what you say, oksalayo I can beat you.


Regardless of all facts presented before me, I reiterate that my misinformed, obscure perspective is still valid whether you like it or not.

Oksalayo Kaizer Chiefs is still the best team in the country.

O dese

In Sepitori, dese means good, beautiful... anything great. You may use it to say you are good at something or even use it to say you are beautiful.
The "O" in front stands for "You" or "You are".

O dese girl, ebele o lepyatla


AKA Orientation week or 0-week, Is the first week of University where students are supposed to be orientated but they spend it binge drinking and making bad decisions.

I will never forget how awesome O-week was this year.

o ska bora moreki

Do not bore/annoy the person who is buying.

Can't you see he is getting tired of your bullshit? Please O ska bora moreki.

O jewa ke eng?

O jewa ke eng is a Sotho term that directly translates to "What is eating you" in English. This is a phrase that has become famous on Twitter after a user named @akreana tweeted it back in June 2019.

Friend 1: Why are you so down, o jewa ke?
Friend 2: Eish my friend, my boyfriend has been cheating on me with that slut from Pitori.

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