an affirmation, dismissal, exasperation or exclamation in different contexts

1) What are you doing lah?
2) No lah!


Limpopo is one of the provinces in South Africa. It was formerly called the Northern Province because it's in the northern part of South Africa.

Limpopo is one of my favourite places to visit.


A sPitori word that usually refers to a guy that can handle difficult situations, or is brave enough to do things other people can't do.

It could also mean someone who is well respected because of his status in society.

Mpho ke lepara joe, he just approached that hot girl sitting over there.


Laduma is a South African phrase that is generally spoken (or screamed) when a goal is scored in soccer.

What a goal... Laduuuuuuumaaaa!!!


Is a kasi term for a kiss.

You can't even get a lamza from a random chick in the club anymore because of this covid.


A Sotho term that means a white person.

Ke tshwere stocko sa lekgowa.


South African slang word for "cool" or "nice"

I just won a bet in Betway.
Lekker bru.


Celebrated every year on the 27th of March. The anniversary of the South African Covid-19 lockdown that was supposed to last only 21 days.

Happy lockdowniversary to everyone who is celebrating.

Load Shedding

When the stupid Ass-kom also known as Eskom decides to switch off our electricity that we pay for.

You better charge your phone, Load shedding is starting again soon


The down-payment paid by the groom to the family of the bride before they can get married. It can be in the form of money or livestock.
I believe they call it a dowry in other parts of the world.

My family expects R200k lobola for you to marry me.

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