The act of pretending to be doing something while doing absolutely nothing. It was perfected by Panyaza Lesufi, Bheki Cele and Fikile Mbalula.

Lesufism involves; a strong PR team, looking busy, taking pictures, and garnering a huge following.

Nothing will happen there, they will just take pictures and address the people. That’s lesufism for you.


Nothern Sotho word, popular in Limpopo use to describe a beautiful girl.

That girl is hot gents. Ke Letsabitsa.


The name South Africans gave Queen Elizabeth when she died 😅

Hitler is reportedly having a nice time with Lizbet in hell.


Noun 1: A christian thief who steals under the guise of humility.

Noun 2: A falsely humble person who wins public support by frequenting worshipping places.

The lungu of African politicians is the major contributing factor to abject poverty.

Last number

Last number is a Kasi term for the best of the best, the top of the range, top class.

I'm buying the last number Kota.

Luphi ugqoko

Luphi ugqoko is a chant or a phrase introduced by Bhinca Nation especially Blue Reigning Nation meaning "Where is the wooden tray/wooden board". It is directed to Khangelani DSD "Isilo" "Ugqoko lukazwelonke" Mhlongo, who has contributed a lot in South African traditional Music, Maskandi.

Luphi ugqoko lukazwelonke? Luuuuphi?


When a group of Maskandi Artists chants to see their King of Kings (Isilo) in the Maskandi genre. The current King of Kings is Dr Khangelani "DSD" “uGqoko” Mhlongo.

Ziyahlaba izinsizwa “LUPHI UGQOKO” lwethu


The Sepitori version of Tsotsi
This means skinny guy with Nike hat, Skinny jeans and a black Allstar

Sheba le pharra leli
(Look at that thug)


A beautiful person

Bona lezothi


an affirmation, dismissal, exasperation or exclamation in different contexts

1) What are you doing lah?
2) No lah!

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