It's a boneless, spongy and soft structure at the back of a woman,consisting of eastern and western hemispheres that make men go crazy.

Siiet! That woman has some fine soft Nyash.


Ntu means a human being and it emphasises that there is spirit of oneness and harmony among people and nature.

Funda ukuphilisana na-ba-ntu


Nkandla is a town in the uThungulu district of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is the district where former President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma is from.

I want to visit Nkandla this December.


Nyash is a soft and succulent part of a woman's back side, and without nyash a lady has high risk of getting her desired man.

A nyashless woman must be plankish in structure


Nyash can be defined as something in a woman backside that make every man go crazy.

Like when a lady shake the Nyash, Men can never be themselves


'N' a slight sleep or short sleep, especially during the day.

I wanna take a nap in my room.
I thought he want to catch a nap.


The ability to not stop yourself from indulging in minge (nyash).

Mono is affected by Nyashilitis


Ndambo (Noun): is dollars ($) inflow, giving massively and changing narratives.

Ndambolist (Noun): is a person who turns others into millionaires and changer of narratives.

Ndambolisation (Verb): the process of turning others into instant millionaires and giving massively.

Ndambology (Noun): the scientific study of Ndambo.

Ndambolize (Verb): the joy of being turned into an instant millionaire.

Ollus ndambolized his mother before marrying the woman of dreams


These Cameroonian,male or female who are specialized in the act of scamming

Pablo is a nges boy


Nyash, also known as ass is used to describe different categories of ladies depending on their origin. Ladies from Banda, Gulu, and Karamoja have no nyash. They are time wasters. Martin

The word nyash is used to describe big ass, or booty.

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