Nyash is a big,soft and round object behind a womans back like two planets

I doggy style your nyash


Nerovwo mean Hear pray.

Nerovwo; nerovwo mē , here my prayer


(especially of a woman) the state of having a very small or no nyash, in a way that makes one ugly or unattractive.

Most Ugandan girls are facing rejection due to their nyashlessness. bumlessness


It's a boneless, spongy and soft structure at the back of a woman,consisting of eastern and western hemispheres that make men go crazy.

Siiet! That woman has some fine soft Nyash.


Ntu means a human being and it emphasises that there is spirit of oneness and harmony among people and nature.

Funda ukuphilisana na-ba-ntu


Nkandla is a town in the uThungulu district of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is the district where former President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma is from.

I want to visit Nkandla this December.


Nyash is a soft and succulent part of a woman's back side, and without nyash a lady has high risk of getting her desired man.

A nyashless woman must be plankish in structure


Nyash can be defined as something in a woman backside that make every man go crazy.

Like when a lady shake the Nyash, Men can never be themselves


'N' a slight sleep or short sleep, especially during the day.

I wanna take a nap in my room.
I thought he want to catch a nap.


The ability to not stop yourself from indulging in minge (nyash).

Mono is affected by Nyashilitis

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