Nkao Tempela

In SePitori, Nkao Tempela means I can flex on you.
See: Tempela

I’m beyond insane, nna Nkao Tempela (Yeah).


Refers to being good, okay or doing well/fine.

- How are you? Are you okay?
- Ngimnandi

Nelly M

Nelly M is the name that the recent generation / Social Media has given to former South Africsn president, Nelson Mandela.

I miss Nelly M, things would be better if he was still alive.

Nah he tweakin

A term that all the skrr skrr kids have been using in the comments section of Instagram. Apparently it means something not making sense or stupid.

No one:

Skrr skrr on insta: Nah he tweaking


This word comes from the Xhosa language, and is mostly used by the Xhosa speaking people."Ncmsl" Is a short word for "Ncamisile".It is means unbelievable.

"Chomi uLisa undifuna back"


Unozala is a Xhosa slang term that means mother.

Ndikhumbula unozala now
I miss my mom.


Unyoko is a Nguni term that means mother. It is mostly used in a rude manner.

Umsunu kanyoko
Your mother's cunt


Word referring to money.

Where is my nyuku?


Injibhabha is a Xhosa term that is mostly used by women to refer to loss of hair (in women) on the side of the hair. Or just woman becoming bald.

Yho seyonjibhabha kusisi wakho


Nyoso means Nonsense

Her: Nasty C is better than A Reece
Him: yinyoso yelo (that's nonsense)

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