a person that wont let you rob or disrespect him.

You better treat me with respect others i will show you my Ricks side.


Rasto is a slang name for guys who are smart, kind, gentle, faithful, hardworking and Aquarian

Dera fidelis is the first Rasto ever. Rasto Val Fidelis is on Facebook


Pronounced (ggggaaah); this is a Xhosa term for ‘ew’. It has many uses, for instance when something disgusts you or when someone says you and someone would look good together then you say ‘rha’.
Synonym; sies

*sees something very disgusting*
Me: Rha


Rutendo a female given name in Zimbabwe.
It translate to giving praise

We give God Rutendo



Anondipa Rudo(She/He gives me love )


Is the slanh term for Ga-Rankuwa, a township in Tshwane/Pitori.

I'm coming from Rankuwa.


Rekere is a Fool

O nketsa rekere(You are making me a fool)


The South African currency, also called ZAR or just an "R".

I need 50 million rands for all my problems.


The Republic of South Africa

I rep RSA till the day I die.

Rra madumbu

It's a SePitori word used to refer to garbage collectors.

It's Wednesday today, bo rra madumbu ba tla.

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