Nikhona is a Nguni term that means “are y’all here?” or “are y’all around?”
This term is mostly seen in TikTok comments by South Africans when they invade people’s comment sections.

No one:

South Africans in comments: Nikhona? 🇿🇦


Mdantsane is a township in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa}. It is the second largest township in South Africa, after [Soweto.

That boxer is from the streets of Mdantsane.


Kwaal is a slang term that means a problem or a conflict.

Why does he have kwaal with him?


Maskandi is a kind of Zulu folk music / genre that is dominant amongst the Zulu population of South Africa.

I enjoy listening to Maskandi
My favourite Maskandi artist is Mgqumeni


A hit song by the legendary Mandoza and it almost became the National Anthem but Sister Betina overtook it.

Can you please play the Nkalakatha song.

Bone Thug

A Skrr Skrr way of referring to a Sangoma.

No one:

Skrr Skrr kid: I went to see a Bone Thug today cause y'all be trippin.


Mandoza was a Kwaito legend who gave us a lot of hit songs like Nkalakatha, Tornado, etc.
May he continue to rest 🙏🏾

I really miss Mandoza right now.


A SePitori term for a beautiful or a hot girl.

My girlfriend ke chipi mara.


A Xhosa term for come here.
The original term is "Yiza apha" or "Yizapha" but social media people have further shortened it.

No one:
Big Xhosa: A Reece izapha baby girl.


What this other gender say when a guy buys them a lousy streetwise 2.

He took me out yesterday, thungisani

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