It is a hybrid-English word that means to provide your full strength to accompilsh something important to you. It is used in many contexts depending on the message you want to convey.

As soon as he met her, belongings were given.
Wait for Thursday, we'll give your belongings.


It is a Hybrid-Kinyarwanda word invented by RCA Bwoys to represent the state of being alone(urself) in a troublesome situation. You just need to cater for urself alone.

Brohh ipupujye mehnn ... Meaning do it urself .


It is a Hybrid-Kinyarwanda word to mean Milk.
It was invented by RCA boys in around 2022 due to a great increase in the love and desire for milk.

I need Umukamo right now .
T-Ruda is a great milk of all time.


It is a hybrid-kinyarwada word invented by RCA bwoys to mean the act of being in a great trouble that can even lead to loss of life as well as some body parts.

If he finds you during the same moment, he will widen you. (Arakwagura)

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