Dubane is a slang term for the City of Durban. Used predominantly by the Zulu speaking population of KwaZulu Natal.

Hamb' obuza ngami in Dubane they know.


A fictitious story or a tale. Like those tales you'd hear about from parents/teachers/friends or read when you were younger.

"A man and his daughter were walking in the forest..."
Welele... inganekwane!

Cheese Boy

A privileged boy who has money and lives a flashy lifestyle.

From the way he speaks, you can tell he's such a cheese boy.

Yt pipo

Yt pipo is a popular term on social media that refers to "White People"

I'm not surprised, akere it's Yt pipo.


A rich, usually older guy who exchanges his money for sexual benefits from young girls and/or boys.

Chomie, I got this new iPhone from my Blesser.


Skyf is the moment you pass the cigarette from the owner to the parasite.

Please skyf nkawza


Igqe is a derogatory Zulu word for vagina.

Why are you broke when you have igqe?


To flex or to show off

Nna nkao tempela, net akerato bolela thata, ke dealer ka action.


A kasi word that is used to refer to money. 

I just need some zaka to buy the braai meat and all will be well


A young Xhosa man being initiated into manhood at initiation school.
Plural is abakhwetha.

He is scarce on facebook because ngumkhwetha.

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