Ithuvi is a Xhosa slang term for shit or kaka.

Uthetha ithuvi.
You are talking shit.


onyanya is someone who is stingy with anything

Peter okuna o onyanya


Iqaza is a Xhosa slang term for a shoe or shoes.

Ndibone enye iqaza egrand eSportscene.
I saw these other nice shoes at Sportscene.


A Xhosa term that directly translates to "y'all would shit".

No one:

Black Coffee: Ninganya


It's a boneless, spongy and soft structure at the back of a woman,consisting of eastern and western hemispheres that make men go crazy.

Siiet! That woman has some fine soft Nyash.

Stop Nonsense

Stop nonsense ekasi are those walls that are built around the house (fence) mostly for security reasons cause you know how it is with crime in Mzansi.

They climbed the stop nonsense and stole the dog


Term mostly used in the Northern parts of the country to refer to sweet flavoured and coloured popcorns.
Some parts of the country call them amaKip-kip

I bought my nephews some skopas from the Spaza shop.


Taima is a slang term for dad or father.

I will be chilling with taima tomorrow.


This is a Kasi term for a very attractive lady.

Dai girl li shambula 🔥


Illegal drinking place. In South Africa, it refers to unlicensed bars in Kasi and has become a mainstream word.

I last saw him drinking Zamalek at the shebeen yesterday.

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