Also known as Eskom - Those assholes who are supposed to be providing South Africa with consistent electricity supply but instead they bring us consistent Load Shedding.

It's dark again. Blame ass-kom.


Is a hit song that makes everyone go crazy.

zekethe... zekethe... zekethe


Umakhwapheni is a more formal term for a side chick or a nyatsi.

His wife saw him at a restaurant with his makhwapheni.


To jaiva is to dance.

I need to learn uku jaiva.


It is a word mostly used by Afrikaans speaking people that means friend or brother, depending on the context.

Listen here, boet. I will moer you.


Another slang term for South Africa.
Also see South Ah

Madumane: Thank you Sauta for the love.


Papsak is the foil container that's put inside a box of wine (3L or 5L). The term can be used to refer to to cheap or low quality wine.

We used to moer papsak when we were learning to drink.


First Lady Of The United States

Did you hear that the FLOTUS plagiarized her speech?


Pedi is a South African language spoken by a group of people known as the Marota/Bapedi.

I am a proud Pedi.

Dala what you must

Is a South African term that means do what you must / do what you have to do.

Guy 1: When are you paying me my money?
Guy 2: You know I don't have money.
Guy 1: If you don't give me my money now, I will moer you.
Guy 2: Dala what you must, chief.

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