Is to date someone or being in a relationship.

When did you start ukujola now?


A Xhosa word for dating

Umjolo uzokulimaza mntase

Underground gang

A skrr skrr way of referring to the ancestors.

You fam, the underground gang won't be happy about that.


Mandoza was a Kwaito legend who gave us a lot of hit songs like Nkalakatha, Tornado, etc.
May he continue to rest 🙏🏾

I really miss Mandoza right now.


A word in any of the Nguni languages, a prefix for "I have"

Ngine- (I have)
imali (money)
Ngine+imali = Nginemali (I have money)


Oledi is a slang term for mother.
It is basically another spelling for "old lady"

I would kill a nigga for oledi.


Used to describe someone whose talking shit.

Uyanya iselwe nguwe la drink


Injibhabha is a Xhosa term that is mostly used by women to refer to loss of hair (in women) on the side of the hair. Or just woman becoming bald.

Yho seyonjibhabha kusisi wakho


Ayoba is a South African slang, which means something “cool”, “okay”, or “all right”. It was popular before the social media age but its use has declined.

Girl 1: We should go to the mall tomorrow.
Girl 2: Ayoba


The drug that is killing the youth of South Africa. It makes these kids do all crazy things just to get that high.

He is behaving like this because he smoked nyaope.

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