Iyeza is anything and everything that heals.

Ina iyeza, sela iyeza.


Is a South African term for a tough guy or sgora.

I see you go to the gym now Sgaqagaqa

Van toeka

A popular South African Slang term for 'a long time ago' or 'back in the day'

I know your dad from van toeka.


Sbwl is an acronym, and slang for the Xhosa language, which originated from the South African word “ sabaweli”; the meaning of the word was, “ crave, desire, yearn or to want something”.

On social media; is meant to have been created by “gay Xhosa men “ to hide their desire for a woman's man on social media.

1. Sbwl a good man.

2. Sbwl a man with a lot of money

Jou ma se poes

An Afrikaans derogatory term that directly translates to "your mother's cunt".
See poes.

Stop talking shit jou ma se poes


Is a hit song that makes everyone go crazy.

zekethe... zekethe... zekethe

Tlof tlof

Another word for sex. It is called tlof tlof because of the sounds during sex.

He started crying during tlof tlof.


President Of The United States

The new POTUS is Joe Biden.


A very bad way of spelling mntase. It is mostly used by Sotho/Tswana people to mock Xhosa people on social media.

Yho motase, I couldn't believe what I saw.


In South Africa, a bakkie refers to a pick-up truck.

I need to get myself a bakkie for when I go to the villages.

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