Ipipi is a term in South Africa that means a penis.

Unepipi enkulu.
He has a big penis.


Hierso is a South African slang term that means "Here", "Right here". It is taken from the Afrikaans language.

"I'll be hierso goseng, wa nkolota" - Khuli Chana in No More Hunger


Dubane is a slang term for the City of Durban. Used predominantly by the Zulu speaking population of KwaZulu Natal.

Hamb' obuza ngami in Dubane they know.


Amakhosi is another name for the South African soccer team (Future African Champions) Kaizer Chiefs.

Amakhosi are getting a star when they win the finals.


To jaiva is to dance.

I need to learn uku jaiva.


Jiva is a kasi term for dancing. It can also be spelt as Jaiva.

Ey wena uyathanda uku jiva.
You like dancing


Gwala is a Nguni term for a coward.

Ey that grootman ligwala.


Isgantsontso is a buff person, more like a sgora.

Nonsense, utsho ngoba sisgantsontso


Is a hit song that makes everyone go crazy.

zekethe... zekethe... zekethe


Common South African greeting that translates roughly as “How are you?”, “How are things?” or just “Hello”. It is derived from “How is it?”

Ola my bro, howzit there?

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