Gurans is a slang term used by Cape Town Xhosa speaking community that means war between rival gangs or individuals.

Ingathi ikhona igurans between lamajita.
It looks like there is some war/conflict between those guys.


A Kasi term for a chubby or a fat person.

Eish that girl sisdudla and I love her.


Idinga is a very formal Xhosa term for a date. Not a date as in 13 May, I mean a date as in you go on a date with someone.

I'm going to the mall at 5, ndinedinga with my wife.


A term we used to use back in the day to refer to the 50c coin. Ama2000 would not know it.

No one:

5 year old me: Ndicela noba yi zuka to buy sweets.


Fede may be used to say "alright" or "okay" and it is mainly used that way in the southern townships of Johannesburg and many parts of Gauteng.

Fede, I'll sort it out.


Umnqundu is a Xhosa swear word that you don't want to randomly say.

Mqundu wakho kwedini.


An African proverb (apparently), is taken from Xhosa and directly translate to "where do you enter?". It means how is that/this any of your concern?

Guy: I don't like the fact that you smoke.
Girl: Ungenaphi?

Azithi dadobawo

Is a colloquial Xhosa term for crazy or mentally disturbed.
It is mostly used as an insult.

Ingathi azithi dadobawo pha apha kuwe wena.


Used as a racist remark towards black people who behave like Caucasians (White people).  Derived from the coconut fruit - "brown on the outside, white on the inside".

What were you expecting from this one? He is a coconut anyways. 


Is a kasi term for a kiss.

You can't even get a lamza from a random chick in the club anymore because of this covid.

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