A Xhosa term for "It's so obvious". It is mostly used when someone asks something that is very obvious.

Girl 1: I know it's lockdown, but are you really going to buy a Smirnoff 1818 for R500?

Girl 2: Ayisecace mntase


means beer,sex and meat

really want some dobenya today,
im gona drown my self in dobenya today


Igqwirha is a Xhosa term for someone who practices witchcraft (a witch).

Ligqwirha ke la sisi
That woman is a witch.


The biggest township in South Africa which is located in the Gauteng province.

I am from the dusty streets of Soweto.


Fear of women, especially beautiful women.

This one can't talk to women, akere he has gwababa.


Idinga is a very formal Xhosa term for a date. Not a date as in 13 May, I mean a date as in you go on a date with someone.

I'm going to the mall at 5, ndinedinga with my wife.


To beat someone to a pulp.

Can also be a swear word in Afrikaans

I will moer you.

Come here, jou moer.

Bafana Bafana

The weakest soccer team in Africa and the rest of the world.

Even Banyana Banyana can beat your beloved Bafana Bafana.


Gintsa or ginsa is a South African term for a thug, mostly those who hijack cars.

She is dating a gintsa hence she has so much money now.

DBN Gogo

A South African DJ who is the daughter of politician Jeff Radebe. Her uncles are billionaire president Cyril Ramaphosa and billionaire businessman Pratrice Motsepe.

DBN Gogo's songs are lit.

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