The online betting site that's chowing 90% of South African men and a couple of women.

Stop wasting your money on betting. Betway will kill you a real death.


Another term that refers to Covid / Coronavirus.
Also see Coco

The third wave of covivi is looming.


Chineke is the creator of the universe and everything good in it along with rain, trees, and other plants

Chineke, I can't believe I failed.


Hierso is a South African slang term that means "Here", "Right here". It is taken from the Afrikaans language.

"I'll be hierso goseng, wa nkolota" - Khuli Chana in No More Hunger


Ikaka is a term that means shit

Uthetha ikaka kwedini
You are talking shit young boy


Korobela refers to a love potion given to a man or woman to love you more and be more submissive towards you.

She gave me korobela that's why she controls him like this.


A Xhosa term for small boy. It is generally used by older men when referring to a younger boy.
It can also be used to refer to an adult male but you need to make sure that you are not scared of that person you call kwedini.

I will moer you, kwedini. Don't disrespect me like that.


This is a South African way of saying Barbecue.

Tonight, we deserve to have  braai and celebrate the great year we've had


President Of The United States

The new POTUS is Joe Biden.


A Xhosa/Zulu term for Balls (As in testicles, not a soccer ball).
Also see marete.

Amasende akho ayanuka.

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