Ukuxhoma is a general Kasi term that means flexing or showing off.

Ever since he got his RAF money, uyaxhoma now.


Short for mntasekhaya. A Xhosa term of endearment for family i.e siblings, cousins or even a dear friend.

- Yho mntase, you should have seen the way he looked at me.

- Never let men play you, mntase. Banyise bonke.


Kasi term that refers to soccer/football.

Everyone in my neighbourhood loves diski.


Sisekakeni is a general Xhosa phrase that means we are in trouble. It directly translates to "we are in shit" or "we are in deep shit"

Friend: The petrol prices went up again.
Me: Sisekakeni


A guy/ gentleman/clever man

How's it Mjita; 'm just Moja (fine)


Ikari is a kasi term for a car.

Uthenge ikari ne dlala.
He bought a car and a house.


Anyone born between 1998 and 2005. That's the Skrr skrr generation. You will see them with their durags and tight pants.

Ama2000 like thinking that they know everything.


Not to be confused with the animal... This refers to R10 (Ten Rands). One tiger would mean R10, Two tiger would mean R20, Five tiger - R50, etc. When you get to R100, it becomes a Klipa. R200 - Two klipa, etc.

We only need 3 tiger to add to the money we have and get that case of beer.


The term refers to a woman or women who are identified as being available for the pleasure and entertainment of men.

John vul'igate, nasi istocko.
John open the gate, we have the stocko.


Jollofina is a name given to South African women who are dating Nigerian men.

She has all this money because she's dating Jollof boys. She's a Jollofina.

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