South African Slime-Super-Slang for Meat. Derived from the Zulu word for meat being “inyama”. Popularized by the great DJ Dr Peppa.

*Note: Only used when speaking in English

Broer 1: So you left it on the grass next to the braai stand boyzen??

You: You know I can’t waste food so I had to eat the Mnyamelis


Also known as Pretoria. This is the capital city of South Africa. The people of this city speak what they call SePitori.

I know I'm a dick, akere I'm from Pitori.


Pastor's Kid or Preacher's Kid.
There's a stereotype that they grow up in very strict households but once they get their "freedom", they become very rachet.

The way she dances with that Savanna, you wouldn't believe that she is a PK.


Word meaning drink, any type of drink and mostly biased towards alcohol drinks.

uspinza ini? What are you drinking?

Holding a candle

A term used when someone tags along with a couple, either on a date or when they are just chilling.

I'm tired of always being the one holding a candle. I need a girlfriend.


A term used to refer to the South African Tactical Response Team.
Those cops that wear berets and moer people.

He was moered by amaberete, that's why he is behaving now.


Is a conceptual art t-shirt and sneaker brand that turns concepts into art in a form of fashion expression.

I love the t-shirt that I bought from ABSTRACT WRLD DESIGNS.


Sheleni is a slang term for R0.10 (ten cents).

I'm so broke I don't even have isheleni under my name.


Ihule is another Xhosa term for a whore or sfebe.
Plural: Amahule

yhu lihule usisi wakho.

Amapiano Colonisers

This is a name given to Nigerians after they tried stealing amapiano from South Africans.

Amapiano colonisers are all over Sunnyside and Hillbrow.

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