Ikaka is a term that means shit

Uthetha ikaka kwedini
You are talking shit young boy


Ingquza is a Zulu word that means vagina/pussy.

You need to rest, ingquza yakho is tired.


Chineke is the creator of the universe and everything good in it along with rain, trees, and other plants

Chineke, I can't believe I failed.


Is a kasi term for a kiss.

You can't even get a lamza from a random chick in the club anymore because of this covid.

S’ting ting

A useless person or thing. A breathing object

He is not someone who can help you yis’ting- ting.

You can only rob a s’ting ting


A baSotho/Tswana swear word that means your mother's cunt. In Xhosa it would be msunu kanyoko.

"Utlwella Aka Thellwa, Nyamao" - 25k, Culture Vulture


Term mostly used in the Northern parts of the country to refer to sweet flavoured and coloured popcorns.
Some parts of the country call them amaKip-kip

I bought my nephews some skopas from the Spaza shop.


Touchline Operator, MBUZI.
One feels pressure when he is around

“Dai man ke GAETZ“

Black Magic

Black Magic, also known as witchcraft is usage of supernatural power for evil and selfish purposes and to perform malicious practice to destroy someone physically or mentally or financially.

They use black magic a lot in Limpopo

Matric Dance

Also known as Matric Farewell - Is when grade 12 (last year of high school) learners have one final formal function, often followed by parties, underage drinking and bad decisions. Each school usually has its own dance and pupils usually come with a date and wear expensive suits and dresses.
Americans would call it prom

I don't know who I am going to take to the Matric Dance.

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