Alert Level 2

The following changes will take effect under level 2:

All restrictions on inter-provincial travel will be lifted.
Accommodation, hospitality venues and tours will be permitted according to approved protocols to ensure social distancing.
Restaurants, bars and taverns will be permitted to operate according to approved protocols as to times of operation and numbers of people.
Restrictions on the sale of tobacco will be lifted.
The suspension of the sale of alcohol will be lifted subject to certain restrictions.
Alcohol will be permitted for on-site consumption in licensed establishments only up until 10pm.
Liquor outlets will be allowed to sell alcohol for off-site consumption from Monday to Thursday during the hours of 9am to 5pm only.
Restrictions on family and social visits will also be lifted, although everyone is urged to exercise extreme caution and undertake such visits only if necessary.
The following restricti

We are moving to Alert Level 2 on Monday midnight.

Tlof tlof

Another word for sex. It is called tlof tlof because of the sounds during sex.

He started crying during tlof tlof.


Literally means “apartness” in Afrikaans, apartheid was the policy of racial segregation implemented by the South African National Party from 1948 to 1994, resulting in the oppression and labour exploitation of South Africa’s black majority, and their systematic exclusion from the country’s mainstream economic, educational and social life.

The struggles of black people we see today is the legacy of the apartheid regime.


Is a conceptual art t-shirt and sneaker brand that turns concepts into art in a form of fashion expression.

I love the t-shirt that I bought from ABSTRACT WRLD DESIGNS.


Also known as Woolies. This is a retail store that went to a private school. You go in there with your deep Zulu accent, but come out with that private school accent.

1. I speak like this because I drink Woolworths water every morning.

2. Tanqueray is the Woolworths of Gins.


An Afrikaans slang term for pussy or cunt. it is typically considered a foul word as it is often used to refer to or describe something with great disgust.

Get out of here jou ma se poes


Another word for a vagina.

I need to get some punani


A term Xhosa people use to refer to those small cellphones with no internet. Those phones you just use for calls and sms. They call it lepopotane in SePitori.

Yho mntase I saw his tilili hidden in the spare wheel of his car. Caba he didn't want me to see that he uses it for his hoes.


The Republic of South Africa

I rep RSA till the day I die.

Kganthe why?

It's a combination of two words, Sepedi and English, by Mogau Samson Leagathoko Malepe asking someone to rephrase their statement, or tell, "I don't vibe with you" or "I don't follow".

"Bra, I've been looking for you all-over, where did you dissappear to?"
MSL Malepe: "Kganthe why?(with an annoyed lookalike face)"

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