A term that is used to refer to a beautiful woman.
Can also be spelt as chandapha.

yoh this girl ke shandapha.

After 9

After 9 is a term used to refer to men who act straight but are secretly gay or homosexual at night (After 9pm).

Ma after 9 are always after my friend at groove.


Celebrated every year on the 27th of March. The anniversary of the South African Covid-19 lockdown that was supposed to last only 21 days.

Happy lockdowniversary to everyone who is celebrating.

Phuza face

It's the face of a person who has been drinking for a long time / a drunkard. That face that looks like leather.

This person is old, can't you see that phuza face?

Balloon Village

A small village based in Limpopo just outside Tzaneen. It is the only village in Limpopo that has a rich soil when it comes to farming. It is known for having all sorts of scarce fruits and vegetables.

I was born and bred in Balloon village


South African slang term for the club, tavern, party, all the nice places.

I miss how groove was before lockdown.

Male bestie

Is someone whom u consider to be ur brother / someone close to u but some people think that a male bestie is someone who wants to ruin ur relationship. That is not true, a male bestie is like a boy bestie.

A male bestie stands by u when u are in tough times

Sister Betina

The South African National Anthem, written and performed by our very own, Mgarimbe.

They all lost their minds when Sister Betina started playing.


Injibhabha is a Xhosa term that is mostly used by women to refer to loss of hair (in women) on the side of the hair. Or just woman becoming bald.

Yho seyonjibhabha kusisi wakho


A Xhosa term for No.

Q: Are you hungry?
A: Hayi

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