A Sepitori term for good, beautiful... anything great. You may use it to say you are good at something or even use it to say you are beautiful.

Ke dese ka diski unlike Bafana Bafana players.

Wendy Williams Day

Wendy Williams day is a holiday that is celebrated in South Africa every year on April 10th... This is of course according to Wendy Williams and whoever lied to her because there's no such.

We are having a huge braai for Wendy Williams Day.


Isgantsontso is a buff person, more like a sgora.

Nonsense, utsho ngoba sisgantsontso


A term generally used as an informal greeting around Gauteng. Chances are no one will know how to reply to you if you use this term anywhere other than Gauteng.

Sharp fede majita, dintshang da?

Cheese Boy

A privileged boy who has money and lives a flashy lifestyle.

From the way he speaks, you can tell he's such a cheese boy.


A buff guy / those big guys at the gym.

He has become a sgora now, the gym is helping him.


South African potato-like tuber (Colocasia esculenta and Colocasia antiquorum), cultivated mostly in KwaZulu-Natal, greyish in colour and rather tasty. From the isiZulu amadumbe .

When I go to KZN, I have to get myself amadumbe.


The word is used as an intentional misspelling and pronunciation of the word ‘amandla’ which means strength.

The word was popularised on social media after Naomi Campbell said ‘amandala’ instead of the correct ‘amandla’ at the Global Citizen Festival in 2018.

You'll be strong. Hayi wethu Amandala to you.


To jaiva is to dance.

I need to learn uku jaiva.

Ikhaya lokugqibela

Ikhaya lokugqibela is a term in Xhosa that means the last resting place (where a person is buried).

I'm praying for everyone who tries to steal my lover to go kwikhaya lakhe lokugqibela

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