Common South African greeting that translates roughly as “How are you?”, “How are things?” or just “Hello”. It is derived from “How is it?”

Ola my bro, howzit there?


Somagwaza, is a rather mysterious, if not mythical, forefather who invented circumcision as a means of passage into manhood for Xhosa people.

I'm sure you didn't know who Somagwaza was 😅

Gun Dubula

A Gun Dubula is a person in Kasi who carries a gun and shoots people (trigger happy).

Do you remember that Gun Dubula who jumped the school fence and shot a rival gang member who was writing exams?


In Urhobo kingdom ovwata meaning: Righteousness

This man is an upright man (ovwata ) righteousness


Give me or pass me. It is a substitute for the word skyf. Pronounced as “Chair”

Che me the phone Broer, I wanna call someone to bring us Pipe.


A slang term or kasi term for BMW 325is.

They were spinning that gusheshe like crazy in Gomora last night.


ASAP is an acronym for As Soon As Possible.

I need to see you ASAP.


This means a girl or a pretty chick popularly used in zambia

look at that guza walking there

Piss pipe

A term that means a penis or dick.

I'll be back, gotta go drain the piss pipe.


Is to date someone or being in a relationship.

When did you start ukujola now?

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