Having sex without a condom.

I'm going in there skoon baba.


In Xhosa, ityala can mean multiple things.
1. Ityala can mean debt.
2. Ityala can mean a case (court).
So it all depends on the context.

1. Ityala lam lakwa FNB yi R20 000.
(My FNB debt is R20 000).
2. Ityala lam licinyiwe namhlanje.
(My case was dropped today).


A domkop is a name given to someone who is an idiot.

You can be a domkop sometimes 🤦🏽‍♂️


Amazaza is a South African slang term for Sunglasses.

Why are you wearing amazaza at night?


Not to be confused with a town (place). To town is the act of having unprotected sex (skoon). It is generally used by Xhosa people.

Ey wena the way you like to town, you will get sick.


Masepa mean SHIT in South African seSotho languages (SeSotho, SeTswana, SePedi).
Can also be used to refer to a beautiful lady as in like "Ngwanola ona le masepa"
The other term can be used to insult someone as in like "O mpotsa masepa sarn"
Also see Masimba

O mpotsa masepa.


Idlala is a Kasi term for a house.

I want to buy idlala before I turn 30.


A term that refers to the act of urinating or using the toilet.

This beer is making me 6-9 every 15 minutes.

U gerrit

Do you understand

Do u gerrit


Yihlo is a Xhosa term for father or dad. It can also used informally to refer to a male friend or male family member.

Hlonipha uyihlo no nyoko.
Respect your dad and mom.

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