Ufasti is a term Xhosa people use to refer to the main chick or main partner. Some call it 560.

Ngufasti wam lawey
She is my main girlfriend

Matric Dance

Also known as Matric Farewell - Is when grade 12 (last year of high school) learners have one final formal function, often followed by parties, underage drinking and bad decisions. Each school usually has its own dance and pupils usually come with a date and wear expensive suits and dresses.
Americans would call it prom

I don't know who I am going to take to the Matric Dance.


The name South Africans gave Queen Elizabeth when she died 😅

Hitler is reportedly having a nice time with Lizbet in hell.


Also known as S'Pitori, is the language spoken by native people of Pretoria (Pitori). It is a combination of Pedi and Tswana, with a bit of Tsotsi taal.

I speak a bit of Tswana plus sepitori.


A backroom is a room in a yard that's usually at the back of the main house. It is mostly used for rental purposes.

I'm renting a backroom in Tembisa.


Nyash can be defined as something in a woman backside that make every man go crazy.

Like when a lady shake the Nyash, Men can never be themselves


To jaiva is to dance.

I need to learn uku jaiva.


To flex or to show off

Nna nkao tempela, net akerato bolela thata, ke dealer ka action.


A phrase used by someone who isn't in the mood for anything

Akere you can see that I'm not in the mood? Nzame fela ke tlo bontsha Mmao

Same WhatsApp group

A phrase that is used to describe similar things, people, behaviors or situations.

ANC supporters and Bushiri supporters - Same WhatsApp group!

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