An informal Xhosa slang term for "I am so happy / I am so excited". It is shortened from "Andisavuyi"

Kaizer Chiefs lost to Chippa Utd today, savuyi mntkbw.

Al Ahly

A team that got beaten 5 - 2 by Sundowns (the best football team in Africa)

Don’t worry about that team. It’s an Al Ahly.


It is a word mostly used by Afrikaans speaking people that means friend or brother, depending on the context.

Listen here, boet. I will moer you.


A person, usually a blesser or sugar mama who just swipes his/her card without any hesitation.

We are out of beer... mswapheni
We are out of meat... mswapheni


Dispa is a Xhosa slang term that means to sleep.

Sure boss, ndisayo dispa ngoku.
Sure boss, I am going to sleep now.


Khemi is a general slang term for muthi or traditional medicine.

He gets his girls using his khemi.

Hhayi bo (haibo)

It is not Xhosa but Zulu phrase meaning to disapprove an act. It goes together with phrases like, kahle no, musa bo, woza bo, mana no, etc

Hhayi bo wnzani?


A plastic horn/trumpet that is mostly blown in soccer matches. It produces a loud monotone note. It became very popular in South Africa in the 1990s. A fan of the Kaizer Chiefs named Freddie "Saddam" Maake says that he invented the vuvuzela.

Don't forget your vuvuzela when we go to the stadium.


Common South African greeting that translates roughly as “How are you?”, “How are things?” or just “Hello”. It is derived from “How is it?”

Ola my bro, howzit there?


Gwala is a Nguni term for a coward.

Ey that grootman ligwala.

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