MKMVA is the abbreviation for uMkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association.

MKMVA is protecting Jacob Zuma's house in Nkandla


South African language, developed out of the Dutch spoken in the country since the first Dutch East India Company settlement in the Cape, established in 1652. Afrikaans was considered a dialect of Dutch – known as “Cape Dutch” – until recognised as a language in the late 19th century. From the Dutch for “African”.

They forced us to do Afrikaans in high school.

Kabo yellow

Kabo yellow is a nickname for South African soccer team Mamelodi Sundowns. Their home kit is yellow so I am guessing that's where the name comes from.

Q: Which team do you support?
A: Kabo yellow


Umakoti is a Nguni term for a bride or bride to be.

Are you ready to be umakoti apha ekhaya?


Another term that refers to Covid / Coronavirus.
Also see Coco

The third wave of covivi is looming.


Limpopo people's favourite food, made from maize meal.

We need more pap for the braai.


Is an acronym mostly used in social media for hit me up (get in touch with me).

If you are looking to buy tickets, hmu.

Thuso Phala

Thuso Phala is a popular dance move that was first started by the South African soccer player named Thuso Phala.

I'm learning the Thuso Phala dance.


Masandawana is a nickname for South African soccer team Mamelodi Sundowns.

I'm a loyal supporter of masandawana.

DBN Gogo

A South African DJ who is the daughter of politician Jeff Radebe. Her uncles are billionaire president Cyril Ramaphosa and billionaire businessman Pratrice Motsepe.

DBN Gogo's songs are lit.

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